222, 2222, 1222, wtf is this!?

I keep seeing these numbers.

I’ve been kinda depressed and wanting something new to happen. I get mixed messages when I look up online.

Any insight? Thank you, lovely :blush:


The spirits are trying to send you a message but those numbers represent positive things and and that you need more faith and balance in your life

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It’s pattern recognition that tunes your brain into a specific frequency.

The simple Answer:

Look on Google and here on the forum for those two:


and 666.

After that, keep doing what you’ve been doing for three days up to a week.

After that time,
get up in the night at 3:30 (use a timer for that=),
and drop yourself into a deep meditation,
imagining exactly the changes you want to happen,
and focusing on how you’d feel if they turned true.

Once you’re done with that,
forget about it for at lest 2 weeks,
and simply keep telling yourself: “it already happened. I’ve expierienced it, it’s already done.”

By affirming yourself that way,
you keep your mind from questioning it and looking for excuses and reasons for it not to work.

When you feel like it doesn’t matter to you anymore,
it will manifest in the real world around you,
not exactly,
but close to what you envisioned before.



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Thank you so much. I am hoping for positive changes❣️


Blessings to you! I really appreciate the answer/advice