2020 - Hot's or Not's book edition (armchair magician's thread ;P )


As 2020 gave all of us plenty of time home I have been reading more than usually. I want to stress some of the books that get my attention in 2020 (and it is about a year of reading not a year of publishing)

My Hot are without doubt these two by Damien Echols:

The story of authors life is incredible and it was described in other books, but I want to focus on two above, as they are like fresh breeze into GD’s ceremonial magic. I was suprised by some novelties, by the clarification of author and tips how to weave more potent spells. Topic is quite old but composition is fresh, it was defenietly food for my thoughts and I took a lot for my individual practice.

Not to go out from topic of GD’s magic I would like to shout out one more book which lovely composed with Echol’s works:
Not as good as before, but still worthy of reading especially for those who are not familiar with GD magic or are afraid of black brick by Israel Regardie.

About magical books with stress on practical I also have three titles to mention. First is small book (pamphlet rather) by Jake Stratton-Kent:
Not much talking just evoking and invoking. Goetic, thelemic and some others… many well tailored and ready to use callings. Small thing but very thick. My mind explode when I read it.

Another good pieces in similar manner are two books of BJ Swain:
indekso indeks
A lot of practice, very dedicated practice, and practical magic rooted in PGM, goetia and hermetic magic. It blown my mind…

And now a very Not - the biggest disapointement of this year. Book I expected a lot from, because of the names of authors but it turned to be mediocree. Is not bad it is just dissapointing from the perspective of experienced reader:

And two more books to shout out for they get my attention and were fun to read:
indeksc indeks

Carl Weshke - it is hagiography, very informative, giving a lot of interesting informations about american occult scene but it is HAGIOGRAPHY and Carl Weshke from this book is a SAINT & SAVIOUR - after all it is biography of a founder of Llewellyn publishing (as we know it now) and published by Lllewellyn so we should’t expect anything else, I just warn, but as I said number of anecdotes, and pictures how occult scene worked in '60 & '70 is worth of reading.

And becoming dangerous is a book that is close to me as I am queer witch and I like to explore this identity for it can give unique empowrment. It is collection of different voices. A food for thought, a peep into how other witches use their queerness and for sure something worthy of discussion, at least internal dialouge :slight_smile:

So this it folks! Now your turn. Share what good reads you had in 2020 and what was just a bleh… There is so many occult books that I couldn’t read them all in my whole life but I would love at least to know something about half of them :upside_down_face: :smiling_imp: :mage:




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