2012 Hubbub


Well, it had to come up eventually. I’ve been doing readings all year and getting the same response over and over. I’m not seeing any disasters on the scale that virtually every guru has been talking about. I’m consistently getting a near-miss scenario where things briefly look bad and then there’s a massive rebound. I don’t see the economy ending, I don’t see World War 3 starting. I see a quick shake-up followed by a financial rebound. I’m sure other people have more detailed intel than I’m currently capable of gleaning. Thoughts?

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Actually, Sultitan-Itan, you are more accurate than the “modern gurus” because your sight is not filtered thru the same mentality theirs comes from. Wittingly or unwittingly, they are “part of the problem” in that they are still plugged into the fearmongering surrounding 1st and 2nd Chakra issues that influences society: Survival & Security. Thank you for your Sanity, and boldness to speak up! :wink: Z

btw: Its my understanding, based on my own study, that this “dramatic shift” is in fact a Consciousness shift, and any physical fallout will be the result of that split between the people who ascend or evolve to the next level & those who don’t. Even the Mystic Prophets who foretold all this were not sure what would come after the (current) Kali Yuga; they said it would “depend on the People of (this) time”…


I believe its a more spiritual shift I think the old religions will die in the coming years. And the people will embrace and be constrained in a new religion. But thats just my .02 :wink:


I believe that the world WILL come to an end, but the world as we know it. Changes are occuring, that can’t be denied, I think.