2 queries about Silver

What is the occult significance of silver?

And does sterling silver have any lesser effect.

I have a 2 inch inverted pentagram which I love- it is made of pewter- but I could not find a 2 inch pentagram in this simple form- and figured it would not matter much. I have a sterling silver Baphomet Sitting on top of the pentagram. I wanted to charge the necklace, but I got a strong vibe from my Spirit Guide not to because of the 'vile nature of the metal. I think I am operating under abit of grace but I have a serious vibe that ‘someone’ is waiting for me to get a silver one so I can charge it and be about other work. I have to admit I reply, "Hey- win me the lottery and I will get silver anything you ask (as well as build a Temple and Occult center in the Name of whatever Being does the nudging on my winning lottery number)
I am also going to put together my “Magickal Cash Box” next month, and am considering lining it with Silver foil. Any ideas about what sigils would be most powerful to engrave it with- or any other info. I think the box I have in mind is Cedar- is Cedar ok?


Silver has a strong Lunar association, Elves and elemental sorts seem to like it.
Its great to make a purifying or healing tool out of, and Iconell stainless replaces it almost perfectly.[NOT blade grade 440 or boiler type 310!]