2 PM Wed • Live Chat: Exposing The Infernal Agenda To Enlighten Humanity

2 PM Wed • Live Chat: The Demon-Human Hybridization Program Disclosure

Watch the live stream at 2:00 PM-ET Wed. E.A. discloses all that he knows about the ongoing demon-human hybrid program. Learn the secrets of the ultimate demonic power. Bring your newest comments on pathworking, spellcasting, magick mastery, and more. As always, donate a hyperchat to receive a guaranteed answer.


Jumpstart Your Dark Spiritual Ascent With The Best Handbook On Performing Black Magick For Serious Beginners… Discover Humanity’s Most Liberating, Empowering & Rewarding Spirituality

The Black Magician’s Handbook by Conner Kendall

Foreword by E.A. Koetting — Live Tuesday, September 27

New magicians always ask me, “Conner, what’s the best book on black magick for beginners?”

Jumpstart your eternal ascent with the BEST handbook on performing black magick for serious beginners. Discover humanity’s most liberating, empowering, and rewarding spirituality with my new guide to the Left Hand Path for new magicians.

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