2 grimoire genre i amm seeking


I have Naga magick and Kali magick and
Fire and ice

but I am looking for more works or grimoires in the areas of
"Hindu Black Magick" based on their pantheon

and also Saturnian Magick.

since I am a cheap freak I am looking for free pdf or other files whenever possible.

If anyone has any info or links I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, If anyone knows of Videos or youtube things dealing with any black magick or Ocult things they found particularly interesting beside Koettings and MW Ford I would greatly appreciate that also.

in all likelihood I am using the wrong key words for my searches.



Polite reminder, please don’t post PDFs of copyrighted books on the forum, this site’s owners are publishers themselves and it just looks downright seedy if their own forum becomes a trading-house for ripped off works! :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s covered in the rules anyway.

Thanks folks! :slight_smile:

Can’t remember if I posted them, but not even discuss having them and willing to pass them on?
I see the argument; just wierd

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