2 free readings, anyone want one? CLOSED

yall know my rules, anyway, i will pm you

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I would like a reading about my writing, just in general. Thanks.

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Hey, I’d love a reading :slight_smile:

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ima do it here for both of yall, that alright in thread?

Sure thing

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you got a question?

rey is it good if i do it here on thread

Yeah, sure, no worries.

Thanks again, man.

Well yeah, recently I feel pretty disconnected with my spiritual abilities. I’d like to know what’s up and possibly if there’s anything I can do about it. Thanks!

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you have a couple fans right now dont you?

keep focused on the objective (your writing) no matter what

and if things look down dont worry, because you have the creativity to make good stuff

I have had, yes.

Thanks, man.

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in past then?

I honestly don’t know anymore. A couple of years ago I took down everything I had and forgot about my less than a hundred loyal followers.

Then I started again, about 2 years ago. But I’m barely doing anything. I have a couple of books ready for publication, I refused one deal because the publisher has his reputation as a thief. I only have a youtube channel with less than 200 followers, I’m consistent with that one, tho.

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you are very well protected by your spirit guides

but you are confused on which way to go

i saw Lucifuge Rofocale, he will help you i see

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Wow, that’s really interesting. I thought I had something going with King Belial.
It it true that I’m pretty confused though.

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I like him :slight_smile:

I saw Lucifuge though

Not doubting you darling

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you can doubt lol, im not against that, and i know you werent, i was just saying lol :slight_smile:

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