2 cup method to change reality


There are videos on YouTube on 2 cup method, people are using this to change reality.

What do you guys think ? Magicians, Witches try to do the same via magic, occult practices.

Basically 2 cups are used and water is poured from one to the other and both are labelled, one current reality, the other desired reality.

People claim it works !!

Magic of the Muggles ! :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Actually, the basis for this magick is sound. You attribute one cup with your current reality, and the other with the desired manifestation, and the water serves as a medium of manifestation. It’s actually kinda brilliant if you think about the elemental attributes and associations with Water.


Oh Yeah it is named Quantum jumping. Is great i used it too


Water is great – get a plastic bottle of mineral water (you can use tap better a tad cold ie from fridge) half full. - shake it really violently with both hands - put all your energy into it and as your shaking it speak your desire –
'this water I charge - this water becomes my magical elixir and brings financial change - from poor to wealthy as I imbibe it is made so - NOW drink.

Really give the shaking some juice ….! Say as you shake…Repeat for 6 or nine nights at 6 or 9 pm (ie if six times do at 6 and if 9 times do at 9.00 pm). THIS is one of my on the fly magic rituals use it it really works. Of course you can change the words to suit your needs. WATER is so very very powerful a medium. Charge it with a love charm (words as you shake it) and give it to someone your focusing your desires on BOOM she/he is yours…! Add some zoom by shaking and then leaving for a few minutes for your spirit of choice to give it some extra charge. Leave as an offering to spirit - so many many things you can do and it takes seconds…!

Freeze the water into ice cubes - give to a friend or enemy in their drink. Works every time. One method millions of results - every time…!

If you give it a go let me/us know how it works for you. I have posted this before on the net over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the two glass method is a sort of reworking. The shaking adds more energy but why not implement the two…!



I love really “simple” techniques like this that have so much good thinking behind the “simplicity.” Many thanks for the good post


Thanks :pray::blush:

Great video , thanks for sharing :blush:


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That clearly defining the desired outcome is an important part of actual magick. With the ritual adding greater clarity of defining the new reality, so your specifics are the only controversial part.


Sounds scary

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Okay, so who has actually used this and gotten real, tangible results that change your realities (and not just while you’re in some daydream of self hypnosis)? I’m talking about such a simple thing being able to permanently put you into the life you desire, you go to bed, wake up, and you’re still in this desired reality ad infinitum? If even one person has done this and had it work permanently (and can provide real details and so forth), I want to hear about it. You know the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it’s pretty much always bullshit. I would love it if this worked, but I clicked on the video link,plus a few others, and I never saw anyone with more than what I have. If this worked, there wouldn’t be people selling it because they would have everything they need and want. They wouldn’t need more downloads, book sales, paid seminars, etc… because they would have it all and thus not charge a dime to teach others to achieve the same, I wouldn’t. I’d let everyone in on it for free because I would already have everything I could want. Tha’s just simple logic (unless they are greedy ass clowns, are only able to maintain it when fed by such a strong belief of others that people are willing to put money into it, etc…)

I’ve used it twice and technically it worked both times once to start communication with a person I sort of liked , got a text from him after 2 months but was over him already so didn’t bother , second time asked to receive money by a specific date and the money I was already knew was coming but not too soon arrived , so it worked in a very realistic way not a fairytale sort of a thing !

Ah, that makes more sense. THX :wink: Cthulhu

I had some changes in reality but not what I asked for. I did it and 100% something changed. I had friends over my place for some whisky and cigars and they left around 12:30 in the evening. I woke up at 4.25 to get water and I heard my friends outside just walking home. I did the 2 cup method the next day and both friends swear blind they left and went home at 12:45. If I asked them before the 2 cup experiment they would have said they left at 4:25 - definitely a dimensional jump but not what I asked for. I read somewhere about a guy who said after doing it he didn’t get the results but other things had changed for example the cats in his neighbourhood were all black or dark and after they were white or light coloured…

Maybe you need to keep doing it and you experience micro jumps on your journey to get to the final desired reality.


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Simple water consecration, while a basic thing anyone could do, is only limited in what can be done by the practitioner’s imagination.

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