2/22 Lunar Energy, Ritual Work With Lucifer & Energy Impacts On The Body

February 22nd 2016 Lunar Energy Shift
I was told that today 222 (02/22/2016) is a very powerful and important day, a day when the moons energy will shift slighty and also being a full moon that anyone who has any powerful or extreme ritual work they need to accomplish or any spells they have been putting off, that today would be the day to do them. Especially any magick involving releasing, binding, or merging. The moons energy is extremely powerful today, perfect time for ritual work!

Last night, after midnight I decided to make use of this lunar energy and I’ve got to say, powerful, it is. My ritual work last night produced an energy more powerful than probably anything I have ever felt before. Now there are also underlying reasons why it felt so powerful for me, not just the lunar energy that is increased right now, but I cannot divulge any details as it is very personal to me. I can say though, that after completing my ritual work which is part of a project I have been working on every night, I evoked Lucifer.

Energy/Ritual Work With Father Lucifer
Now, I call him father Lucifer because I am Luciferian and have a deep respect for him and see him as more of a father archtype, a protector, a guide, and he calls me his “child” so it feels appropriate to me. I see him as basically, my God, in addition to my own God aspect of course.

I have been doing extensive work with him lately and I must say his energy is so powerful, the more you summon him and merge with this energy, the more powerful you feel, the more your astral senses heighten and fully awaken, the more in tune you become with your own God aspect.

Working this closely and intensely with him, I now understand what other black magicians mean when they say that black magick will make you crazy. Not crazy in a literal sense, but that you reach such a deep understanding for the connection of all energy sources around you, becoming one with nature, that the ideas you are given, the information you learn, the new opinions you form, sound truly fucking crazy to the outside world.

But this “crazy” is necessary to fully understand things which we may have not previously understood. In order to fully connect with the other worlds, realms, etc. we must understand and embrace this “crazy” as everything we do that involves magick, energy work, spiritual work, is basically crazy to the outsiders but this is normal for the spirits, Gods, Goddesses, Demons, etc.

Energy Connection & Drawing Down The Moon
My goal lately has been to connect with the energy of as many things as I possibly can, becoming one with the entire universe and all of its creatures so I can fully understand how the universe works behind the scenes. Experiencing the world as other beings and creatures is the only way that one can truly understand those creatures. Thru invocation of demons and Gods, thru experimental merging with animals, plants, and stars. Exchanging energy with these beings to become one temporarily so you can see the world from their eyes.

This would also be a good time for me to experiment with some shapeshifting exercises and also try to merge with certain animals to take on some of their traits. That would be interesting and fun IMO. I will see what I can put together and try merging my energy with a tiger, my favorite animal, and see what happens. Never gotten deep into that kind of animal magick but I do have a lot of experience with Native American based animal magick, and the Indians are strong believers of taking on the forms of animals to understand the source and how it operates. (And yes I am allowed to call them Indians, I have Native Americans in my family on one side, blood relatives and am also partially Native American myself, so fuck off).

Last night I also merged energy with the moon, a process that wiccans refer to as “drawing down the moon”. Pulling the moons energy into yourself but I took it a step further and gave some of energy back to the moon to influence its power, giving it an energy boost from myself, to aid it in this shifting process. Anyone can “draw down the moon” but DO NOT attempt to merge your own energy with the moon unless you are highly advanced. It may seem like a simple process but there is a certain level of concentration and energy skill that is needed so you do not inadvertantly negatively affect the moons energy and cause an inbalance in its energy cycles.

After completing this exercise, the energy I felt was so strong and comforting, I could feel the lunar energy vibrating thru my veins and after making the connection I heard the “buzz” of the earth’s vibrations as well. Not sure if anyone understands what I mean by this but sometimes when I am doing very intense ritual work that involves energy shifting, drawing, merging, I have become so in tuned with the earth that I can literally feel its magnetic fields buzzing and feel it vibrating. It sounds like the low hum of an overloaded power cable line and the rumbling feels like when a train is approaching from a few miles away, how you feel the ground lightly shaking. Feels almost like an approaching low scale earthquake.

So today would be a great day to do energy work or lunar/moon magick!

Lucifer’s Energy & Physical Affects On The Body
Father’s energy is so massive! Every time I evoke him, even as an adept magician who has evoked him more times than I can count, I am still affected by it. When I am doing the chants to call him forth I am speaking normally but as he approaches it becomes harder to speak.

Lucifer I evoke thee, father come!
Luuuci feeerrr, I… evoh ke theee…faaather, co omme…

It’s sometimes hard for me to speak, and I lose my train of thought, forgetting what I was saying but he is patient with me because he understands that his energy is so vastly powerful and can sometimes physically affect us humans. His energy makes me sleepy, I drift in and out of consciousness, blacking out, losing time, having vivid and very strong visions during these black outs as if he realizes I am unconscious and cannot speak to or hear him so he continues to communicate with me thru visuals.

I was engaged in ritual last night for 5 hours straight. Lost track of time. Before I knew it 5 hours had passed and I was still drifting in and out of consciousness and woke up and realized a part of Lucifer was still lingering around waiting for me to awake. I apologized for my continued loss of consciousness but he was not upset with me over this. I had planned to invoke him into my body but he said

“You have had enough. Your body cannot handle any more of my energy. Give it a rest and we will continue this tonight.”

I did merge with his energy as he was not testing me, but slowly preparing me for the invocation, exposing me to small amounts of his energy first to make sure my body would be able to handle him once he enters me fully and would not have any negative affects on my physical vessel as I plan to do an invocation of him, a temporary pact for 6 days in which I will see the world thru his eyes and ask questions.

My body is sore, all of this energy work lately is the cause of this but as most of us here know, working with demons, Gods, and energy for extensive periods of time (or for the first few times when you are a newbie) can be physically taxing on our vessels. Can cause body aches, sore muscles, cold like symptoms such as runny nose, cough, sneezing, fever or chills, temperature changes in the body similar to the fever of the flu virus in men and similar to the heat/hot flashes caused during the menstrual cycle or menopause for women.

Luckily for me, I have learned how to shift this energy into other parts of my body so that it is not centralized in one particular area, which is what causes these pains and symptoms, excessive amounts of energy focused in one central region of the body. It can also cause massive headaches in the ajna chakra and 3rd eye region. Now the headaches are only common in newbies, once you master shifting this energy or expelling it, the headaches should no longer be a problem for you and the flu/cold like symptoms should also vanish but the body aches will continue to happen each time you take on more energy than what you have previously taken on before.

Another Aspect Of Lucifer Revealed
Also I have a question, has anyone else seen the form of Lucifer where he appears in a white robe, almost toga like, a male in his early to mid 20’s, looks like a warrier carrying a crossbow, has blond hair, short but thin and stringy, and he has a beauty mark on his face to the left of his upper lips. This is a side of him that I have never seen before, this was his true father aspect. I have seen his teenage boy aspect, his little boy child aspect, and even his jester/joker aspect but this was a side that apparently he only shows to his true followers who connect with him on a deeper level as a father figure. But I also call Hecate mother as she shows me her motherly aspect, a side that she only reveals to a select few who truly respect her.

In the past when I talk about my extensive work with entities such as this, My inbox gets bombarded with messages by newbies and even magicians who are somewhat experienced but have not yet developed their astral senses asking me to contact these entities and ask them questions or get the entity to do them favors because they realize how easy it is for me to contact these entities.

I am not your personal assistant or your messenger for the other side. I do not wish to be an ass but this is annoying to have people continually contact me expecting me to relay messages back and forth for them for days on end, for free none the less. I have other things to do, my personal life schedule and working my own ascent/descent. I am currently involved in some deep ritual work that requires my upmost attention so not only do I not have the time to act a messenger for you, but the spirits I am working with will get pissed.

If you cannot do this stuff yourself the only way to learn is to keep trying until you get it right, be peristant. And also eventually, the spirits will become upset with you and refuse to answer any more questions that are asked to them by someone else other than you. They will eventually CUT YOU OFF and ignore you until you can develop these skills and contact them on your own as their way of forcing you to learn these skills and they will refuse to relay messages thru someone else.

Tough love…it’s the only way to get some people to stop and listen to their inner voice!

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