1st Black Mirror session

Greetings everyone,

Despite the fact that I’ve been wanting to use Black mirror scrying for quite a long time, I didn’t really get started on that till today during an evocation. Granted I couldn’t see the spirit in the mirror, as i was gazing into it I was able to see 'whitish yellow energy present in the mirror although its kinda hard to describe how it really appeared. Do you guys think that it could be a signal that my astral senses are opening up or simply due to eye strain?

FWIW, this is similar to my experience. I see energy, mists, orbs, smoke, etc. I personally feel it means my inner senses are opening, albeit slowly. I’ve been practicing on and off for about six months.

try to see the mirror as a HOLE of reality, like a backdoor through your mind.

Do it right bro and most importantly, don’t do it while you’re drunk. I’ve had a bad experience with that.