19 enochian calls of Satan

Hey guys i have found slight differences between the 19 enochian calls of :heart: Satan :heart: does any of you have the right link?

Athah Gibor Leohlam Satan
Hail Satan!


How about the Satanic Bible from where these originate?
Personally I think these calles are to be used in the Enochian system ( = no satan…)
Please leet us know what you achieved with them when you have used them.


Hey guys i have found slight differences between

Could you share a bit more details? What versions of Enochian calls did you compare? The version from the Satanic Bible by LaVey is different from the original version. I have recently used the LaVey’s version of Calls with some success.

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I have 4 different from La Vey, than Crowley, the rewritten ones and one i found on the net

@Yberion you also posted once a link of the 19 calls. Still have it?

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19 enochian calls

Found on the Internet

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Oh, i see you asked and answered already.

Glad for the honorable mention tho.

Thank you.

And, glad you found it so fast (within 2 minutes of asking).

Oh ok, 5 hours after the initial question, 2 minutes after asking me. :smile:

And actually,
as far as i know,
i never posted them.

I did post some Enochian Spells,
and translations,
so i think my Spirit stepped in and helped you find it,
but i didn’t post this particular Selection of Calls myself.

So all credit to you,




That’s cool :wink:

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What would be the purpose of each call?

In DuQuette’s Illustrated Goetia the first two calls are used before the conjurations, but the purpose of this is not explained.