18+ steamy thread for single people the next generation

Just stirring sigils in my black magic :crazy_face: I mean coffee :rofl:

Lmao :rofl:

how u been hope all is well

Just learning about micro organisms, virology and chemical bonds lol
Trying to apply science and magic at the same time is pretty fun.

Thats so cool lmk if u get results.

It’s so weird
I’ve been feeling that every culture of organisms have their own current and spirit, sort of like the channeling of the Covid sigil that JS and Barbie Garret showed awhile back.

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Damn that sucks. Take some vitamin D if you have it along with whatever they prescribe you. It’s supposed to help with the side effects. Hope you get better soon.


Nah no prescription. Symptoms are fairly minor considering. Thanks though

You sure you don’t what a white candle lit? I do healing work for friends weekly anyway.

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You can if you like I just dont want you to feel like you have to

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I don’t mind at all.

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Thank you, I appreciate it :heart:

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