16 Job/Money/Misc. Spells

Tell me, does the stone itself have to be big?


Can I cut a small pebble of the desired shape from a large stone?

natural is the best, but if cutting is all you got to work with then yes by all means use that. its just substituting which I do all the time if i dont have it. some spells it doesnt work with doing that, even though many claim it will but from experience no not all the time, but for this one, its not a complex spell so it would work.

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The fact is that I have several large stones and they are all irregular in shape, and it is very difficult to find the right one according to the description. That’s why I decided to ask you about this. Tell me if everything works out for me, then for the next spell I need to use a new stone?

try some from this I love the milk one the most it works to attract money well.

tell me if I draw a dollar sign on a stone, then exactly the dollars will appear?

The money will never appear in front of you, while doing the spell, it will appear, though, I have turned around and found money. Walked outside found money, people come and gave me money. Won money ect. and sometimes a vision of the money will appear in front of you while doing the spell, keep that vision in mind its a place were the money is.

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Will it be foreign currency or my national?

and dont be desperate for money, cause then it only appears, when most needed usually a week or days before needed, and that could way down the road weeks months sometimes years, being innocent like a child wanting something badly like have to have it desperate, but wanting it with happiness behind the eyes is how it works to come fast. Innocents is the best way. <<< if you get what I mean

and use your currency notes on the rock.

tell me who exactly determines the amount of money that has appeared?

you get what you deserve, or feel you deserve or worthy of, or what is really needed, and not all the time will it come in lump sums, sometimes days apart in small amounts that add up to it, as in saying this I wouldnt dream of over what you need to pay something off or need to survive, if none of that is a factor really then dont day dream over 1000 dollars with little spells like these.

I understood you. Tell me, if it’s certainly not a secret, what amount appeared the largest at a time?

I only played with this spell for highest of 150 in US money. started out with little as 20dollars first then 50 second time then 150 third time, and did it 3 times on 150 and received all 5 times i did the spell.

These are good sums, as I say. In the description of the ritual, you said that you need to light a candle every day and that it burns for exactly 7 minutes. Tell me, should the stone itself be next to the candle?

on the 7th day if the candle is to big and cant burn out in 7 minutes then just let it burn out. or you can put it out but keep the remaining candle in a bag, until your money comes then bury it under a tree or bush or any plant, to honor a thank you. stone should be in front of the candle. Sums are what you need, or just do a small amount, to start the magic in your favor, like 100 dollars equal amount in your money to USD.

as a reminder, these spells i started out with over 15 years ago, I’m way more advanced now to what works for me for what i want to get, I love my candle magic, but I always add my twist of black or voodoo to the things of it to get what i want

I’m going to use what’s called a tea light. It’s the same as the photo you posted here and it’s the same light green. The instructions say it will burn for about 4 hours. 7 x 7 = 49 minutes. Just enough with a margin of time. Tell me, should the day of the beginning of the ritual itself be considered the first day?

You can go by money days thursday or money by moon phases waning gibbous to start