15 years Please help!

I need a favor. I’ve been dealing with a neighbor for over 15 years now and no matter what I do, he still keeps casting spells on me. I’ve gone to other spiritual workers for help but no one has been able to stop him. He is obsessed with destroying me and my family. He keeps making my life miserable and the life of my loved ones. He harasses us evey single day. We’ve gone to court and nothing happens. He goes to this witchcraft place evey single month just to stay on top of us. I’ve done every conceivable spell I know and could think of and nothing happens.

What I’m asking is for a barrage of the most evil spells you could think of to finally have this man leave us in peace. It’s very rare that I ask for anything here. Guys please help. You are my last choice before I do something stupid!!!


Yo, people are going to have to PM for the name, sorry dude - naming someone as a target for a curse is against the rules - the reason why is explained in full in that link. :thumbsup:


Choose a day, and do a mass working perhaps??? Just gather as many volunteers from this forum as possible PM them the name, and have everyone do a curse on the same day. That should amplify things a lot.


Ok. No problem

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Any one that wants to know the name please PM me.

Then we could discuss a day to do it

Get you a spiritual protector. Ask for protection from Vine or Thor. Both are excellent guardians. You could also appeal to Tyr to ensure he gets what’s coming to him or if you want to see him hurt, appeal to Vidal, the Silent One. I’m just giving you examples, if there’s other spirits who appeal more to you then appeal to them.


Vidal the silent one.? Mind which book plz. And the person looking for help. Try belial. Or chk dime demonolaters ebooks,

To me it sounds like he’s a bully and constantly doing something to upset you or your family is feeding his magickal presence and his ability. You need to undermine him and his magick. When ever he throws a curse throw a blessing for yourselves. You need to show him your the boss he don’t control you. This is my house bitch and im staying put. You don’t like it you move! That the type of attitude you need to over come this bully.

Start cleansing your house with sage, call upon protective gods and spirits. Litrally get blessings daily from said deities, and stand up for yourselves. Show him this is our space not yours.

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First i would do a return to sender spell, (actually took me longer than it should have to hunt this link down) I’ve had great success with this one,

Second, as @FraterMagni suggested, Evoke some guardian spirits, I personally used Ismaelta (had to edit that, put the wrong spirit down :confounded:) before and he’s quite good at defending and also returning the negative energy to the sender (he’s in one of E.A’s books i forget which one)

then like @kiss-lamia-lilith suggested, Since he’s been doing this to your family for so long, i wouldn’t doubt there’s a lot of residual energy from the previous curses, do a whole house cleansing to try to neutrualize that.

Hopefully this helps you :slight_smile: keep us updated

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If he’s a bully, go to Belial. He hates bullies and will put him in his place. Also, Belial is a fierce protector.