13 Days to Power question

So has anyone else been getting a splitting headache during the pentagram meditation? I notice that right afterwards I have a bad headache for about an hour. On the plus side evocations seem to be running much more smooth and I seem to get in the T/G sync quicker, on the bad side I am running out of aspirin.

Sounds to me like you’re either staring too hard at the pentagram (possibly trying to will TGS) or you’re allowing your vision to go cross-eyed. When experiencing TGS (that the meditation brings on) your eyes should be relaxed, looking straight, and there should not be any tension in your forehead.

remember to breathe deeply while you look at the pentagram. and acidking is right, you want to observe the pentagram passively, not glare at it.

Thanks, this probably is what is going on. :slight_smile: