12 pointed star?

I’ve been working W Satan he showed me a 12 pointed Star with a circle in it.
If you have Any ideas or know of what it could be you know what to do! Thanks :blush:

same here that symbol keeps popping up in my dreams. found one thing where it means 12 rays of the sun? still doing searchs.

I read somewhere a while back that the different pointed stars represent a magicians achievement of ability or stage of development, something across those lines, at the time I read it I came across the 10 pointed star in visions, while that was based on balance both above and below, I’m not certain what the 12 was anymore. I’ll see if I can find the link, though it was a while ago.

Nope can’t find it :pensive:

Well the 12 is the 360° of the astrology houses

I recall there being a specific meaning (attributed) to it, and all the stars in order from 5points onward. I really would have been glad if I could have found the page I saw it on. Downside of clearing histories.