11.11 /19 and Baphomet

So guys what are you planning to do the 11.11 19? Is an extremely powerful day for witches as because Mercury will be visibly before the Sun for 6 hours empowering blackmagic rituals. Especially Chaos magic, Loki rituals, Baphometic rituals, Nyarlathotep rituals, draconian vampire rituals and so on will be empowered. Also very favourable for witches who don’t really follow the restriction of a gender.

Chao Ad ordo

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I’m doing the ritual that Qayos posted. Other than that I’m working with Lucifuge, Lilith and Lucifer, will likely initiate into the Draconian current. Still doing readings regarding that. I’m sort of in my planning phase atm.


Pretty much the same for me, other than that nothing else.


I’m going to also note that the fact that Lucifer (who knew I had no original interest in the ritual) asked me to do it. Which I will give it my all. The topic died and has been quiet for awhile now.

But the fact that I just worked with him minutes ago and the date comes up again…

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Honoring the vets, my grandpa was in the army.


Yeah the draconian path feels right a powerful day like 11/11. Last year was very strong too. There were some global unexplainable telouric subterrainian movements.


Finally it is here the day of the great portal. Today the Moon is excellent for doing rituals to achieve harmony.

The Moon is in Taurus which is excellent for getting money, properties.

The Sun is in Scorpio and this is an aspect excellent for getting money from others, getting a credit or leasing for a car or similar.

Today Bacchus is powerful so rituals for Pan, Bacchus, Baphomet are favoured.



Getting money from others. Yes.

Nothing in particular. The weather is crap where i live. Haven’t seen the sun for a week and it’s so cloudy, i can’t even see the full moon :frowning:
Usually i would charge a sigil with moon rays.

Spirits are making contact with me but it’s not something out of the ordinary.

11:13 happens a lot more to me.