Your experiences being Married to King Paimon

Is anyone here married to King Paimon?

Talk about your experiences

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To my understanding, King Paimon is very choosy about his wives, and the two people who I know of that are married to him are no longer members of this forum.

As King Paimon himself said in private conversation, “I am not a whore.”



Other spirits of the Goetia, however, sure do seem to get around. :laughing:


That is actually what King Paimon was referencing :slight_smile:


I have new found love and respect for King Paimon :joy:


Damn straight. Respect yo’self!!!


This made me giggle.


I wonder about King Purson.

Good night for all. I AM married whit King Paimon 40 years.

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Lol, I wander how does chemistry plays out between Top Demons or Angels within their group. ( Heard demons are competitive as fuck amongst themselves )

Can be made into a Top class Juicy Book, will sell like popcorn.:thinking: ( I SEE GREEN )

What’s the matter being married to an entity? Why the entity would like to do it? And why the human would like to do it too ?

I love King Paimon’s personality!


Just putting these quotes here, because they are so very true. Some people boast about being married to this or that entity when they aren’t, while some who are married to an entity don’t even disclose it to anyone, or are very private about their own intimate experiences. I count myself among the latter group who won’t openly discuss private aspects of their relationship. To each their own, but from what I have heard from another spouse of His who I know of on this forum (apart from one who has left a while ago), He values privacy and discretion very greatly. Some will say “but everyone’s experiences are different, spirits aren’t the same with everyone, etc. etc.”, but I am very confident that He is true to His word.

Personally, I take this to heart.

Also: being married is not all unicorns and rainbows. You’re expected to do the work (i.e. work on your ascent and spiritual growth), not seek attention with romantic stories or something.