Would you do a ritual for me?

I could use this “education”/“training” -thing, for becoming a dispatcher at “Deutsche Bahn”.:thinking:

Will you help me, to get this?:flushed: PLEEEEEEASE.:hugging:

I want and need to get out of here, and even the training to become a dispatcher at Deutsche Bahn is better paid than the job as night porter would be.

(And yes, i’m fucked and really, really need a job -and to get out of this flat, and this mess in general)

#P.S.: I really don’t want this, i… need this! :frowning:
I allready don’t like it, but i need the bloody money.


I allready applied for this training/education -thing,
and allready did some weird test online. But those people don’t respond.
~So please make them give me this training.


Okay so lots of people piling in random rituals is probably a bit of a bad idea, IMO, you need people to link up in a group PM or something, create a Mastermind Group, and push for this, for you.

Maybe people who are into it can reply here, then you can start a group PM using the invite function to brainstorm? :slight_smile:


Well. I’m affraid that nothing changed,
and i would prefer risk some random events,
instead getting fucked by the “state’s” unemployment programs.
-Or by homelessness, which would force me into some pretty criminal activity.
Yes, i shoud have wrote this 8 days ago…but i didn’t -oh how amazing.

Anyway: My mother also applied for the same job/training/education -thing
and was today allready at a meeting -with the bosses or whatever manager-like figur beneath the CEO from Deutsche Bahn.

In contrast: i haven’t heard from those people since weeks.
And not even the guys from the terrible other job i have been applying for, have even tried to contact me.

~So… I’m lucky that 1 out of two derringers work, because i guess i’ll need them soon.

I guess i’ll do my paperwork, draw something, shoot something, watch something to keep me distracted from being fucked. :slight_smile:

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After they let me wait for two weeks, they tell me that they “didn’t recieved” every needed paper -which is ridiculously wrong!
I sended them all those documents and they just ignore them!?

They let me wait, over two weeks, to tell that they are too incompetent to open up emails???

Another thing: the so called “familienkasse” forces me to proof that i have been applying for job or education since i left the “fachoberschule”. -OTHERWHISE, they will take the “Kindergeld” for the time back. -> (>12)x(>100€) <- WTF

i need to do something now. -But what?

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Invoke Mercury Dolius if any of that is money the state gave you to stop you turning to crime:

Make a small shrine to your ancestors and ask them to assist you and to protect you and help you find productive employment.

Ask Thor for help with this as well, he builds and creates things, and appreciates those who are willing to work hard to get ahead.

And please stop talking about guns like they fix anything, the state is bigger than you and you’ll just end up in prison being Mahmoud, Mo, and Mohammed’s new playmate. :pray:


??? So… ancestors are a thing?
~Even with all this incarnation theory??

And how am i supposed to do that?

The family of my grandmother’s side was originally some lower kind of nobility.

And my grandfathers family… idk actually -i guess they were all “regular mortals” .

My mothers family… idk whats about those fuckups.
-But my grandmother from my mother’s side, seems to be somewhat “sensitive” to things. Even with being ridiculously fat…not the american kind of fat but…quite fat.


Grandmothers are allowed to be fat, only sick fucks want to shag a granny and old skin drapes badly over bony bodies anyway, just look at Madonna!

Shrine to your ancestors - needs to be where you face west, or both, 1 or 2 tealights/candles if possible, small glass of water and a flower or some attractive foliage, and a photo or any link you may have, or their names written with the oldest at the top on a piece of paper.

No blood, cutting, guns, or knives on the altar.

Just make it, dim the lights, and ask them to look out for you and help you direct your life in such a way that you become a worthy inheritor of their life-force and line.

And yes this works even with reincarnation, we have a Higher Self as well, humans are complex as much as any other spirit.

(Counts down to you asking how to incarnate in 2 places at once instead of do simple thing that might actually work… :confused: )


So…you mean that it is true, that people i consciously or subconsciously have a connection with, are common to see “me” even without being there? Because i’m literally split up?? :thinking:

But wouldn’t that also mean, that this weird and somewhat “natural” understanding between me and a few people, would completely dissolve ?

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Sorry, I don’t follow your meaning? :slight_smile:


Didn’t you said that i incarnated multible times, instead of in just one,
so this mess would actually work out if i didn’t split up?


Just a thought on the side. I noticed you mentioned The Military. What if… there might be some sort of Upcoming War… for example… with the situations going on in Europe and Brittain with all the refugees and people becoming distressed with the economy and the refugees? What if something goes down? or at least goes down with some other related issue? That would essentially mean you are spiritually “locked” into a certain line of Fate… unless you do some serious magick to loosen the bonds and fuck shit up.

But thats the reason you always do a destruction ritual prior to doing any magick. It loosens the bindings/undoes bonds, removes obstacles and whatever else. Naturally of course, it helps to use Divination to know what you should do. Do not ask me for any ritual help as I am already focused on something. But I wish you the best of luck in whatever you can accomplish.


Of course will the economy break down -everone knows that.
But no-one knows when its going to happen.

You seem to mean two things:
°die in civil war
°survive (at military)

A exorcism/cleaning thing?
-I don’t know if i could do that successfully.

I used the nabatean exorcism by e.a. to test it on my brother
-the parasite(?) thing vanished some time after -he told me, that for some reason “the thing” “didn’t liked” his left eye. Thats it.
~Idk if it worked.

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No - I said humans can be both (dead) ancestors, watching over you, and also that person can reincarnate.


No I do not mean die in a Civil War. What I mean is that when we come into this world, our bodies, our astrological alignment and a great many other things weave us into a certain Pre-Determined Web of Fate. In another thread I mentioned the 5th dimension is the likely path you follow. But there are “Higher Dimensions” above the 5th… what I mean by that is that there is a Great Web of “Alternate Reality Dimensions” (what if Choices if you were to choose that road to change your Fate) that you could walk.

As far as Destruction Ritual:

  1. Energy Raising.
  2. Type of Energy Raised = Use for Example a Specific Rune
  3. Specific Runes? Use some sort of Death Rune such as a Fire Rune.

That reminds me to:

It is literally the first line:
*It’s like whatever path we choose in this life this generation has been set to extinguish itself

And the rest… ~Are you trying to tell me, that all i can do to get out of this mess, is to desperately try to higher my vibration? In order to may get to the point when i would be able to switch over a higher dimension.

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Bunch of black pill bullshit, stop reading that and get the Tony Robbins and the good positive stuff ffs!!! :weary:


Drachir. I’m not gonna lie to you. Higher Vibration? yes. In the New Age Sense? No. My terminology for higher vibes means More Power.

Thats the big secret in the occult… the kicker. More Power = Better Magick…albeit you still have to learn how to manage and use it. No bullshit, aside… you are not gonna gain alot of Power sitting cross legged doing muddras and a million Breathes of Fire (LOL).


OP, I’ll be sending my servitors your way in order to help. In return could you just leave some food on a plate that is high in calories :slight_smile: ? For the next 24 hours your abilites will be multiplied.


Hmmm… are nuts ok?
Should i put it outside? (we got a terrace)

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