Woke up one day with the name Samael in my mind

So this happened around 8 maybe 9 years ago, and just for some context during that time I had never researched about Angels or Demons or anything that would have imprinted Samael into my mind.

The dream: I remember my room being bathed in warm sunshine and that I felt happy and peaceful. I was standing in the middle of my room and sitting on my bed was a person, I remember referring to them as a male, he looked around my current age at the time - around 13/14 - he wore a white robe and had a white mask on. I remember leaning forward to look at the masks turn-up nose, finding it funny for some reason.

He never moved during my dream, never talked, but that didn’t stop dream me from laughing and enjoying myself. When I woke up I felt… comforted, almost protected, and with the name Samael in my head.

I joked with my friend the next day that I had met my Guardian, while doodling the name on my notebook.

A while later, something else happened, it wasn’t a dream because I remember feeling a physical presence. I had woken up sometime during the early morning and my room was filled with a warmth again. I was in a relaxed, drowsy state so I didn’t think to open my eyes all the way. And then next to where I was curled up, a weight settled itself, like someone had sat down, and the main thing going through me was a sense of peace.

So thats my experience, since then nothing has happened and it was only recently when I started researching Gods, Demons and mythologies that this came back to me.

I wondered why I didn’t think to just google the name all those years ago, but I think I was just scared of what I would find :sweat_smile:

Now though I’m determined to delve deeper into this, and for that I need advice, I’ve never contacted any Spirits before and would like advice on how to proceed. Also, ideas on just why I had this experience would also be cool

sorry for the long post and thanks! :blush:

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Welcome @KaryoTen. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I’ve had similar experiences by seeing entities in my dreams and things like that.

My advice is: Yes, call them.

Sometimes they are calling you for a reason and many times they will help you in areas that you didn’t know you even had problem with.

Something similar happened to me with King Beleth, when I woke up in the middle of the night with his name loud in my head and a terrible stomach ache.

Ah, Samael the “Poison of God” or God’s hitman as I like to call him. He gets a bad wrap but is nice enough once you get to know him.

Sounds like he has a message or desire to work with you. Call him up. From my observations when an entity calls you out of the blue, something about you and your energy has blipped on their radar. And they feel it worth while to make first contact.

His name popped in my head a couple of years ago but just past 2 months began researching into him. I called on him for the first time this morning because I needed him to bring forth one of the debashim, he is said to command them. After giving the other Angel license to depart, I spoke to Samael and suddenly felt a coldness on my left arm and shoulder that kinda wrapped around my back and other shoulder then disappeared. I think he was listening. I don’t have many instances like this so I took it as proof of contact.