Why black magic? Why darker/LH path?

Hmm… it is said that we hold all the answers within ourselves and that we are not just part of the all but the all is us. I just have to get that into my deepest being not just my head.

You don’t need to get anything in there: it’s already there. You just need to notice that it is. Perhaps, you just need to get out of your head a bit :).
Indeed there is but One that appears to be many.

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Actually, you are right about getting out of my head!

Applies to all of us not just you.
I gotta go now but feel free to drop a line if you need any suggestions.

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Because for some of us, that’s the only way to be in tune with the universe. Whatever makes you feel whole, is good for you. Break the chains and extend your wings.

But, if you are unsure, if you are afraid, if you feel remorse, then you should probably stay away.


I recommend reading the Kybalion. Lady Eva sent me a link for it when i first started out, and it has helped with grasping different philosophies in the occult.

As for why LHP for me personally:
Religion always bothered me. Ever since i was young, i thought it was wrong to give all of that glory and praise that is found in religious texts, to a god we werent even sure was there. It seemed pointless, especially with everything that was deemed ‘wrong’ and ‘forbidden’. Couple that with an attraction to darker aesthetics, Nietzsche’s philosophies, and an all consuming curiosity to know what these ‘practices’ were and why they were ‘forbidden’, and youve got the beginnings of a LHP occultist.

It actually took going down darker paths to realize what balance actually was. Light wasnt the simple “peace love and koombaya” i thought it was, because thats what id heard for years researching. It took the elimination of the false truth by actual practice, with risk, in order to see things as they are, instead of how they are taught to be seen. Dissolution of the false is something the LeftHand excels in. To see things through my own eyes, rather through the Collective’s. The Left-Handed Path is Empowerment from Self, and Right Handed is Empowerment by the Collective. Both have pros and cons, and both are needed to truly Learn.


Interesting how you say if there is doubt, fear or remorse, best to stay away. I hear you!

Having said that, there is a little voice that challenges those notions, however. The one that tells you to overcome that fear, to brush aside the doubt and to ask yourself why do you have remorse and is it your or someone else’s that has been projected onto you and that you have been taught you are inherently evil (Xtianity) that you are going to hell unless you stick to strict behaviours and thoughts. I am struggling so much with the idea of a god who wanted more than once to destroy all mankind. One who supposedly created us just to fail and to be tormented.

Should I therefore ignore the other side? The so called left hand path because, apparently from the Adam and Eve story, knowledge is forbidden?

You have to wonder but I do have that part of me taught to fear damnation, etc.

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That is a good explanation. I think I touched on those things in my reply to Xendrath (I say touched on, not exactly specifically said). I think it makes a whole lot of sense to find the balance and if “love and light” isn’t helping - I know I didn’t feel that wonderful love for long in Xtianity - then I’m all for exploring, within reason and with some degree of caution initially, at least trying to understand a bit before getting to carried away with it all and wondering where the heck I ended up but then again, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to let go of control and let the wind take me, so to speak. This is part of my conundrum. To do or not to do - damned if I do, damned if I don’t…

Thank you, I appreciate your kind offer.

In my opinion there’s no left hand path and right hand path. There is one path. The division occur when some group of people made-up their own rules and beliefs and created the right hand path… when they did that, the left hand path was created as well. But originally, there was no such division. The magician is a king, and a king can not be a king if he can’t punish or destroy if needed, with the same power that he uses to heal and create.

How we know it’s not our minds creating delusions? Because delusions can’t have physical effect on the physical reality, that can be verified, witnessed by others, and even recorded with different types of equipment. Yes it’s easy to imagine a spirit talking to you, like a child with an imaginary friend… but when that imaginary friend starts to move stuff around and show physical proof of its existence… it’s not imaginary anymore :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t trust, I’m faithless. The spirits I work with are partners, they work with me and I work with them. They don’t do any favors and I don’t give them tasks or petitions. We work together. I do as much work as they do, if not more. That’s why I don’t need faith or belief or trust. And that’s why they find it better to cooperate instead of losing an opportunity of having a partner. Not a worshiper or lover or devotee. That’s how I solved this issue of faith and trust that you talk about. And in my opinion it’s a very important thing. But many people have different ways to deal with it, this is only my way.


I walk a path, no Left and no right. Just a path. These are jUst words to yet again define the undefinable and Create conflict. Pick a sIde and Fight that’s what your told. But it’s not what Is. WhEn you find that inneR place, there is no conflict, just being :slight_smile:

Be strong of mind and true of heart and all delusions fall apart.


Thank you people! So, I guess the main message is, there is just your journey, without polarities. That you believe whatever proves to be of value. Also, the path/journey is a part of you and all that is/isn’.t To some degree, I think that is what I am gleaning from your replies. Sorry to not be more individualised in my responses to you but you have given a lot of food for thought. Many blessings and thanks for your viewpoints.

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You are right many practice what they believe is true, for some being malevolent is just part of an act, others intetact differently as they have actual experience with rituals and can see the results and sometimes blowback from bane that is inflicted on others unfairly.

You need to consult your own moral code as to which path or direction you wish to take, it is totally your decision. With Witchcraft or socery you set your own limitations with your magical concept in which various fields of magical energy exist, your will or consciousness is the fundamental force to move your magic forward.

The magical forces of the world are controlled by nothing more than the will and concentration of the magician as you set your own limits some for gain and benefit, others for malice or revenge.

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For me it started with the idea that playing by the rules was boring.

Ill give it a go at giving you some answers though…

  1. Our minds are delusional from birth. We are taught and forced to follow symbolic rules from the day we exist.

  2. You can’t trust them. You just take their advice and embed it into your own practices and things you have learned. While not every entity is there to play with you since they are spawning from parts of your own mind, some aren’t your friends.

  3. I mean you can always blindly trust anything but isn’t that why people believe in certain religions that I’ll avoid insulting…

  4. You can be sure it’s a good thing by becoming a better person and showing your own manifestations through your work overtime. It’s not an overnight success story for anyone.


Dark arts and black magick is not evil . The Left hand path is not evil .
It was named “dark” and “black” because it was hidden from the world . It was kept secret
Darkness is the oldest and purest form of energy that existed before light . Darkness is the creator of light . The father of all things . Most demons are just old gods . Abrahamic religions demonized everything to make it look evil so that they can gain power . The heroes of the past became villains of the present.
You should ask yourself these questions. Let your instincts guide you to the right path because only you know what’s best for yourself.
If you feel comfortable with the energy around you , If the left hand path changes your life in a positive way , then the left hand path is for you to follow! Believe in yourself and follow your instincts.