Who is "The Dragon"?

I want to keep my identity anonymous. However, due to my strong spiritual connections and a sexual experience (while awake) with a human looking demon who calls himself Moverick - I keep being told I’m being prepared for “The Dragon”. The sexual encounters get more intense. And Moverick always tells me I’m chosen due to my open mind. He makes sure my house is clean. That I’m well groomed. He never tells me who The Dragon is.

I just get lessons on being pleasing and playful. And that The Dragon has waited until I was ready spiritually for him. I’m told not to fear him and he’ll appear on a night when the moon is full and the orange has left the earth. And the white stuff has fallen. I will know it’s my time to meet him, as the numbness will lift.

I’m new to this. Who is The Dragon?


The dragon will be revealed when you do your introduction


Dragons are super cool. Ask what is your ‘specialness’. Most everyone is told that by most spirits, not always about them being special. Ask what are its intentions are toward you.


Welcome @Extermly_Exploring. Please introduce yourself properly in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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I apologize! My name is Dawn, I’m in Utah. I will go there to introduce myself.

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Lmao what the fuck :joy:


Did you see any colors like an orange flash appear?

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Moverick speaks in riddles and I have to figure them out. Orange means after fall has ended and the white is when the snow falls. I went through a break up a year ago - I’m told I was once close to The Dragon.

I think I accidentally created a new post. Yes, he’s to provide guidance. And sexual relations.

The Dragon,
probably refers to Belial,
Baal, Bael, Asmodeus,
or one of the other kings.

The 7 Headed Dragon,
would directly refer to Satan (/ Satholas).

It’s not completely clear,
since Dragon,
can mean a lot of things.

The complete Quliphoth,
is considered “the draconian path”,
and filled with Dragons.

But what i can tell you,
is that it indicates you meeting with one of the Gatekeepers.

must be acting in service to that specific king.

The most simple question,
you could ask on your next encounter,
with Moverick,
would be:

Tell me about your master.
Who is it,
that you are serving.

If he doesn’t come forth with a name,
he’ll at least give attributes,
which you should write down by then,
as that’ll be a description of the being,
and most likely,
be one we know and can give you an answer back for it.

As far as i get it,
Moverick servers under Pazuzu.

Which means,
he’s assiciated to Air element.

I’d assume Azazel,
and Belzebub (Lord of flies),
know more about it.

But the easiest way,
would be to see him shapeshift.

He’s probably not Human looking in his natrual form,


As this - “the maverick heart”,
was the closest i could get,
on finding a public sigil of Moverick.

this is not Moverick’s sigil
just an attempt,
to find him,
and who he’s actually in service to.

Pazuzu doesn’t make sense for me to go into Dragon from however.

So i’ll stick with my intuition,
and assume Belial or Satholas,
to be the most likely,
for who the “Dragon” actually refers to,
in their original Draconian Form.

but that’s the closest i can get,
for now.




The Dragon refers to the Void and its main Door in Thaumiel.


Thank You for your kind words. My training for the night/morning is almost over. They’ve extended it in way of purpose to get answers. Moverick revealed himself in true form. He’s a beautiful demon with gold eyes, a face of regal beauty and a very strong, stone like body. It makes sense why the breath was knocked out of me. This afternoon, he fell on my chest after a lesson with hard breathing and cumming. He was afraid he’d be punished for cumming inside me. He was simply told later this evening/morning that he would never be punished for taking the time to teach me and being a most loyal service demon. He’s been given permission to to cum inside me once a week. It’s his first reward and sex with him will always now be in his demon form. His second reward for his willingness to teach me without questions asked. He no longer has to come to me in his human form for teaching me. Our next sex session will be at 5 am. His third reward. Due to The Dragon taking me for himself at 230 and then protecting me from a very evil incubas who tried to rape me a few nights ago. I am now under the impression I am guarded night and day. I can’t talk about my sexual experience with The Dragon much. I’m allowed to say he was in dragon form when he took me. And he also had gold eyes. I’ve never been so fulfilled or felt pleasure like that. He wouldn’t allow me to ask questions.

Yes, I am allowed to share my experiences with Moverick, as that is another reward for him. He talked to The Dragon about being with me one on one. He was hestiant, almost scared to hurt me. In a transe like state, The Dragon spoke words I remembered from my childhood. After our love making was finished, he turned me to my side and I felt wings wrapped around me.

Once I get more information, I’ll post. I’m being summoned to get ready for sex with Moverick. He’s teaching me to be more translucent in order to see him in his demon form. After, he will discuss with me about his master.




I find that the Dragon :dragon: is Lucifer :heart: and the Dragon of the Void is Leviathan :heart: Mother of Creation, Mother of Chaos.



I hope you find what you seek but I think you need to be more wary about following instructions of a spirit or entities that you dont not know who they fully are. Sexual relationships can be dangerous. I’m not bashing you for your choices, I know how it is sometimes. Just caution is always helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you Tiber.

It seems like she’s made a decission,
but please,
explain it a little better from your own point of view.




Based on my intuition (which is not that good anyway) Imma say Azazel or Lucifer?

I’ve known The Dragon before my human form - he’s waited 4,000 years for me to take my human form. He knew Lilith and Adam well. He knew Eve. He still speaks with Eve. There is more to the story than what is in the Bible. Eve is a lot like Lilith, except in human form. My name for 4,000 years meant something to the effect of “One of great understanding, a seeker of truth beyond the world as most humans see it.”

I choose a human form. He chose a demon form. Our last night together in a previous life, he promised to find me. He saw my aura and proceeded with caution. He put dreams in my head at night for me to remember my past life with him, before we made our decisions. Morcovick said with a slight smile: “In the past life, the two of you were so loud in your love making, you shocked us all when you choose human form. I want to see The Dragon happy again.”

The Dragon serves under an Air king. He’s not a king. Nor Lucifer. This Air king saw the vision of me and sent a woman who’s name is Akiltiosina in my dreams. For months, we had conversations in my dreams about my past life. When everything checked out, she introduced me to Morcovick. Who is the right hand of The Dragon. Mitavuchaya is the name he goes by now. The Air King he serves is one of light and is mostly hidden to the realms. They do not like to be bothered, because they do not deal with the darkest of dark magic. Only magic that brings forth good into the world.

Things developed quickly, because my mind suddenly opened up. The riddle came rushing back, Mitavuchaya revealed himself in a dream in October 2018. Simply with words: Come back to me. His past name was Ebernsolin. They will not reveal my past name, due to the incubas who found me.

The Dragon and I became close after I laughed at Lucifer in my old life at his antics. Lucifer has been commanded to leave me alone by this Air King Mitavuchaya serves under. Due to living a celebate life for 4,000 years and being loyal to this Air King, Mitavuchaya was greatly rewarded.

They gave me Morcovick to help be ready for Mitavuchaya - he is very well endowed. Morcovick is known for his sexual encounters, so, Mitavuchaya went directly to him after two refused orders from the Air King. And Mitavuchaya was scared of me, because somehow I remained hidden and I ignored him for months before he made contact in a dream.

And, sly Morcovick, as he was jerking off - smiled: You made the Air King very pleased. You scream loud for a human being taken by a demon who hasn’t gotten any action in 4,000 years.

And then: Do the trance spell, The Dragon will be waiting tonight. Your Ebernsolin (now known as Mitavuchaya) is the right wing man of his king. Lots servent. Strong. Vilanet. Make him roar like he did 4,000 years ago. Eventually, I’ll meet the Air King Mitavuchaya serves under.

I begged to know my past name, he wouldn’t reveal it. It’s Aramaic though, and is similar to my name now. Morcovick stated my sex drive and the light of my soul will attract the darkest of dark. Because I have something they don’t. So, I am being protected.

I don’t understand all of this. I’m tired. And oh, true to Morcovick’s nature as a joker - he wants the entire world to know he’s very proud of himself for shooting cum all over my ass. :roll_eyes:

He’ll be happy when he no longer has to serve as my “sexy little beast”. He was smiling as he said that.



Thank you for being such open and clear about it.

Didn’t expect you to go into detail so intensely.

But it’s well appreciated.

It’s an honor.