Who is Belial

I have been doing some research and i found that Belial is Nergal/Hades/Pluto.
I was wondering if this is true or if i am barking up the wrong tree.


@Lady_Eva, I think this is for you :laughing:


I actually think he is more like Bia in Greek mythology. I was only curious about those Gods.
He doesn’t seem like Nirgal, i was only asking a question.

Bia is more like him than any other spirit i know. Although we can never know for sure.


Yes I guess these two have similarities

Belial and Hades

I disagree on the highlighted/quoted. For one the two have completely different offices. Belials is in wealth, control, law and things of that nature. Nergal (someone I’m very close and attuned to) is a destroyer deity of war, the underworld and decay and is the closest you’ll get to the core of what is decay (last bit of the whole decay core thing personal upg)

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Sorry just saw this lol.

Thats okay.
But Belial seems to be more like Bia.
Bia is not that popular of a Goddess in Greek mythology but she seems to have the same personality as Belial does.
Just do a little research on Bia and you will see what i am talking about.

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I agree. I too don’t think they are the same.

I do have to point out though, that according to some sources (for example - https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/ritual-to-belial/), one of Belial’s titles is Mortifer, meaning death bearer, so it seems Belial does have other proficiencies.

Furthermore, from what I’ve noticed, he also seems to like breaking limitations. Hence why, even though he isn’t normally thought of as a spirit that would help a magickian with psychic senses, did actually give Eva a ritual for newcomers to use (here - Belial’s Gateway Symbols).


I don’t think they are the same. He has a very violent and deadly aspect but its not as if he is a god of death.

I do get a greek vibe for some reason. I don’t know if that has something to do with my association with him some how. They will take things from your mind. But I usually see him in a place that is a cross between ancient greek architecture and a modern NY penthouse.

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I saw these types of buildings in my dream once before my LPH days. Could there be a connection or pure coincidence?


I don’t know. I looked online to find something similar as I could. Does this look familiar? The outside is like this:

The inside is like this but with modern appliances, art and furniture.

His attitude when he is there is like its a summer home. Like a business man would cancel all his appointments and go for the weekend. Its very curious to me if it has a purpose. Do spirits have vacation spots LOL? Is it something we imagined together so it only exists between us? Is this a different more relaxed aspect of him that likes this sort of thing? Is there an area that has a lot of these type of buildings?


i really know about hades
hades is pluto but not belial

Hades is really good for curse ritual
if you want to punish someone with brutal effect! you can evoke hades!

nergal? i never evoke him