What first led you into doing magic?

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Originally I was reading Crowley’s work, although not for the magick because I didn’t really believe in it back then. But then I discovered his handbook on the great dead art of divinatory Geomancy, but I did not really understand what was written as I didn’t know much magick terminology or really anything about the Golden Dawn tradition. So not understanding it, but highly intrigued by it, I found John Michael Greer’s Earth Divination, Earth Magic: A Practical Guide to Geomancy, which was very simple and more traditional as well, so I started practicing it immediately and I found that almost every single chart I cast ended up giving an accurate outcome. That was a revelation to me that all this could possibly be real. After that I looked at the Psychonaught Field Manual and that was intriguing but way too complex for me and made me believe that magick could easily cause tremendous damage to the psyche, so I left magick after that… But I couldn’t stay away, and eventually found Damon Brand’s Words of Power, and I tried the one ritual to get money and it worked the very next day in an unexpected way, and since then I’d say about 70-80 percent of my rituals have been successful, particularly Angelic Magick. I really liked Chaos Magick Sigils for a while after that but for some reason I can almost never get that to work (although when they did work, they gave me some very surreal results).


How do you charge your sigils? Everyone does it differently I personally like sexual charging mine , Sex is natural and us being beast of the field it’s as close to nature as possible,sigils are strong, just wanted a outlook from someone else point of view

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I also charged them through orgasm, sadly never got many results through that method. But some time ago I started using them as sort of talismans, like I would draw them and charge them with energy or with my breath and simply know it’s fulling it’s purpose after that, and with that method I’ve gotten VERY good results pretty much all the time, but I think the energy tends to attract parasites so I don’t use them too much.


Care to expand?

The desire to alleviate another’s suffering. Learning has been on and off, but nearly every time I’ve gotten back into occultism it was out of desire to help someone.

I don’t know why, but most of the people I became friends with in my youth had unstable/abusive home problems. People would confide in me their problems and I would feel so angry at the injustice of the world. The first time I discovered magick, I was talking to some stranger online. I don’t even remember what was happening in her life, but I remember feeling her pain. Intuition said to look up magick spells even though at that point I had believed it was as imaginary as Pokemon, Power Rangers, and Harry Potter.

The other times it was to alleviate someone’s depression, to cleanse someone’s Thoth deck that just felt bad, karma against a homewrecker and the cheating husband, and focused good spell work for the family he left behind. Whenever people came and asked for help, even if I was currently in an atheist phase, intuition kicked in and I just somehow knew what to do.

I enjoy learning, truth, and the kindness found within some people. I have a strong sense of justice and have no qualms with baneful magick with the purpose of forced growth through suffering. I’d rather have assholes turn into better people after spell work instead of feed into their narcissistic “woe is me!” complex.

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I was just an elementary school kid, and a rather weird one. I moved around a lot (still do), and at one point, was living in New England. I visited all the standard historical tourist spots, but while visiting one, my dad wanted to look at something else, and left me alone for quite a while in an old Colonial era building. I was alone, but started sensing spirits. “I’m here,” I said aloud to the empty building, and felt the most amazing sensations after touching the walls. It seemed as though spirits were crawling out of the woodwork. I wanted to know them all. I started reading everything I could about spirits, witchcraft, folklore and generally “forbidden” or “dark” subjects. It took me a few years to cast my first spell with a friend, in a church. Around age 15, I discovered hoodoo, or it discovered me, and I went down that path, too. I realized that I could sometimes sense spirits while touching buildings, streets and objects, something I had learned that day as kid in New England. I was into magick from that day forward.

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Thats really cool. In my early days in magic i took a trip to Savannah GA and stayed a night there. During the day i had taken a walk through the historic area there and into some of the shops. Right away i noticed how “full” it felt everywhere like as if there were a lot more people than there were. I visited a cemetery there and it felt like somebody was walking behind me. My parents were with me and it was like suddenly we all felt this overwhelming sadness hit us that really wasn’t our own. At one point i was standing at a rail looking out at the river at Savannah and i saw a lady beside me doing the same but she looked like she was victorian era, she had a long dark dress on and dark hair up in a bun. I saw her only a second. Later in the day i was in a hotel room and i caught a glimpse of her again. But after that i didnt see her anymore.

mistreatment by soulmate friend who denies it. sent partner to threaten me after I called out her mistreatment. well, he threaten me, she just sent to tell me to stop reaching out to her. Same thing as she didn’t believe me when i said he threaten me. It’s all big misunderstanding and her immaturity. Got into magic for justice as i help with her brain surgery healing and she used me and threw me away like a clean tissue no longer useful when used. this is only few months ago. So it’s recent and i’m new to magick. hopefully lead me somewhere good.

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