Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Hmm what i am seeing it is like all the Skin shiny Red with black veins (Dark Blood) Black eyes no hair muskular build. Razor Sharp theeth. But no Horns? Wings wich are black raven like but not Beautyfull like flethered oily some feathers are missing, others scale like. The Backbones are like standing out like a mosaic of stones to your throat. The Aura Dark violet. But beautyfull build legs,human like surprisingly not claws on the feet just really white nails. A belt with Human Skulls beneath you wear a slashed leatherly ceremonial robe that Looks like cave man or gollum would wear. thats the only think you wear. The rest just well Build muscular red body. You hold a big weapon on the right it should be a double handed like a greenish copper big axe who looks roughly made out of stone.

Man for me it Sounds like a rpg Boss or something from a hellish level boss in a Video Game who would be really tough to beat.

With friendly regards Serpentslight ~😊

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Can i have a scan please, will attempt a scan back

@RosieSweets still trading?

Perhaps, what’s up

You never returned the trade xD

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I did tho.the tag must not be working

I mean you didn’t trade, that’s giving me a review on my reading on you lol @RosieSweets

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do you have a white fairy around you


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My bad. I posted it in another place it seems.

Power beyond your years. You have seen more than many your age and shall see much more yet. I see a large eye, wreathed in feathers, wings perhaps? It bears a feminine lean. Sand. Your very earthy person. You try not to jump to conclusions but still have a strong sense of intutiation

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Sorry, I’m super tired today

Isn’t that a bit different from this kind of scan? ‘godform’ scan and the other scan. But no worries.

I can try again. I’ll get some caffeine then try again

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I have also never scanned godforms before, but if given the opportunity; I am interested in participating in a scanswap with someone here.


I’m getting an image similar a Wendigo of native American lore. Except vastly different. Moss and flowers where a Wendigo would have gore and rot. A tall lanky figure with Willow like claws. Two pupiless eyes pear from the stags head on your shoulders. A third eye blazes from between the antlers, antlers of which seem to grow and shed leaves as though many seasons are passing within seconds. I get a sense of a deep connection to the cycle of life, balance and renewal. This figure is all at once beautiful and terrifying.

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that is what i got from you

Can anyone scan my godform??

Ah than no lol, not that kind of scan either.

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Sure, let’s do it…

I will go first…

Getting a serene tranquil environment, almost like a small hot water spring in some mountain range, reminiscent of mount Fuji…

I get you draped in color purple not covering all areas, pitc pitch black eyes, and then almost like some tattoo marks starting from your neck going all the way down to your ankles…

In your one hand is a pink fluid elixir…
The other a dagger of some sorts, almost looks Arabic type…

Also getting wolves close by to you howling…


I don’t understand the concept of godforms or scanning a person’s aura/energy but if anyone could tell me if there are spirits around me it would be helpful. I feel the energy of spirits, but I have always wanted to be able to see spirits.