Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

ok thanks …can you scan familiar spirits around me …spirits help me …manifest my wishes …protect …etc thanks sir @Twilight_Dragon

:joy::joy::laughing::joy::joy:if ur at it give him a foot massage as well


With a side of tea and crumpets, as well. Must be properly pampered, after all!

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I told you no don’t irritate me

Hey, TD.

Hope I don’t irritate you if I ask for a scan? :slight_smile:

We can swap, of course.

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It’s cool. Do you have a specific question??

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Honestly, I’d like to know how I am in general. I read somewhere that not everyone has a godform.

Something of the sort. Also, if it’s not too much, I’ve heard that some people are more predisposed towards vampirism than others.

If I’m being too much, you can choose and it’s fine with me.

Thanks in advance, TD!

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Does anyone know entity who have lemon or maybe vanilla scent?

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@Twilight_Dragon scan pls sir

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scan please sir @anon48079295

Sure give me a few minutes

Several can have these scents.

I ask because this one who is every night with me have that scent.

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Let me give you some advice, people would be more lenient to scan you if you offer trades…

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Do you have any other details? It would be easier to help identify the spirit that way

I gave you too important talisman before @MagickVigilante

I know, but this has nothing to do with scanning bro

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So at first I saw a zombie. This shows you have some sort of talent with Necromancy. There’s a lot of mist and I’m taken to a cemetery we’re I meet Baron Samedi and Mama Brigette who can teach you to use this ability as well as guide you through your rebirth.

Your higher self looks like a winged grim reaper sythce and all and this confirms your connection to death

Your aura is orange, yellow and green with Grey mist all around you. It’s moist kinda like dew

I see what looks like a dead tree, autumn leaves still on it.

However as I Scan you, the death energy doesn’t consume me rather its peaceful much like Thatanos or Azrael.

Your core is silver with hints of yellow and the elements you’re close to is death, air and earth

There is a walrus, moth and earth worm totem

This entity has been with me for several months. When she is with me I feel security and incredible energy on me. I often feel warmth on my face. I have the ability to feel it, body, touch, move on the bed. I have sex with her. Sometimes we kiss, I can to feel her tongue.

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