Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

That’s pretty cool :sunglasses:

I admire Thor a lot

Maybe we met Lemuria :thinking::thinking:

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Anyone wanna scan me?:slightly_smiling_face:

Lemuria is a place :thinking:

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In** :joy::joy::joy:

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Anyone want to scan

Hello everyone, can anyone confirm this scan, and ask her why she want me I saw 2 spirits, one was an old man with a beard and he had a staff, he was there to protect you

The female spirit was blonde, she wants you from what I saw

Would anyone like to swap? (:

Anyone like to scan me? 🧚🏻‍♀:sparkles: General or in-depth soul dive? I am not able to scan anything yet but once I get that point, I’ll definitely scan you back! :pleading_face: Anyone?

Sure. What kind of scan would you want more out of the two you listed?

I am still new in this,want too learn new stuff.Can someone scan my back part of body,if that is possible?

Can anyone scan me please.

Hey sorry for late reply. Anything you feel like it! I am really interesting in both topic but really up to you if it’s okay :relaxed:

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So I’m curious as to how I would go about performing a scan and how does it all work? Once I know the steps I’d love to scan someone and be scanned in return :slight_smile:

You basically “read” a person by psychically tapping into them, and get an idea of what their soul or astral avatar looks like. Then you describe whatever you find.

Anyways, I’m curious. Would you like to try on me? I don’t care if it ends up wrong, i’m still curious.

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Hi @Onion

Can you scan me please? :smiley:

I’m a bit down rn, so I won’t be able to do it

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For your soul scan— A cold, gentle aura. Much like the soft breeze of a sunny Winter day. A lithe humanoid shape with a icy-blue color and a shimmer (like glitter). A bright yellow glow in the heart of your chest, yet a tense, anxious navy blue in your gut.

For a general scan— I see a person sitting cross-legged in a chair (can’t tell if it’s one of those gaming chairs or office chairs), sitting in front of a computer. It looks like you’re in a room and there is a pink aura that makes up the shape of the walls of the room.

One panel is hollowed out vertically from ceiling to floor behind you and there are eyes peering in. I asked who they were and their intentions. They said that they are watching, nothing more. I sensed no malice nor negative intention behind this. It’s possible that they are just watching from afar. Other than that, I didn’t see anything unique besides the protective boundary around your space.


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Anyone care to scan me?

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Who was that?

I would very much like to try on you. Though I feel like I’m likely wrong. I’m not used to tapping into people without a conduit of sorts (have them hold a stone and infuse it with energy, then it’s much easier to tap in.
For you I feel a desert expanse. Not dead, there’s like a thrum of energy going on beneath the surface. The surface is calm and almost monochrome. Not in a boring way, more like the stark contrast of a black a white photo. I feel something old there. Dark, too, but not sinister dark. Like maybe an old grumpy wizard who didn’t want to be bothered. When I sought to find what it was it didn’t seem too happy with my intrusion.
How far off am I? :sweat_smile:

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