Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Sure, in a little bit I’ll be able to trade. Alittle busy right now, sorry.

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Okay I will do a reading a bit later, atm I’m trying to understand some symbols

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I dmmed you your reading

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Okay, when I get home I’ll scan you.

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scan me please why i can hold anything and every things go zigzag?

I’ll trade for a scan, anyone?

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Wait what​:joy::joy:

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An aura of deep blue surround me you just inches away from your body. You’re gaining confidence in your craft. Focus on your heart chakra will make your spirit lighter .

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Ill scan you now.

When scanning you I am picking up on a strong will, and determination.

However not as much patience. Someone who is more action oriented.

Energetically I’m not picking up on anything overly concerning. Path wise, I am feeling connection to ancestors (in terms of working with them) - whether or not you currently are.

Who wants to trade

Please scan me, I really really wanna find out who I truly am, I’m under an awakening so there’s a lot of confusion right now.

Anyone want to do a scan trade? Looking for someone with some experience with scanning, doesn’t need to be adept.

People are more likely to scan you if you offer to trade, if you don’t know how to scan then there’s threads here that will teach you.

Anyone up to this challenge lol

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I could try for a trade scan?

You want soul scan?

Could definitely give it my all as I’m soo not feeling myself lately! But sure!

That’s fine, can you scan fine with just the online text or do you need a selfie to scan? Since I noticed you posted your selfie.

Element wise, I’m getting water and air from you. Not getting a whole lot earth or other elements from you.

Your energy isn’t flowing fast, or slow - more like in the middle for speed of energy movement. Your energy does not feel subtle - it actually comes off strong to me. Temperature wise, cool. Not cold though.

I get images of wings, when scanning you. Wings and feathers. Your energy color wise is bright blue, with a hint of green in it.