Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back!

Sure, my dms are open.

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You too :wink:

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Been quite awhile since I’ve went ahead and got a scan, looking for a scan of myself, with a scan from me in return. (Been off the forum for a long time, so I might as well do scan trades again now that I’m back. :slight_smile:) I likely won’t be able to reply with a scan back to anyone until I get off of work tomorrow. 5pm est, will be home at around 6pm est.

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Please scan me. I’ll scan back through the tarot.

I can scan you in a few hours Bercus :grin:
Welcome back to the forum

Scan trade anyone?

I see a fiery energy, very much take charge and get shit done kind of vibe. Keen mind, you dont miss anything do you? Peoples true intention are laid bare to you, you see what people try to hide deep down or deny.
I’m seeing a lion roaring, you can be very headstrong is something I’m also getting, intimidating as well, perhaps do to your skill and power.
For energy im seeing it move calmly through you, not to fast and not to slow. No stagnation from what im seeing, large energy pathways and large chakras. Your a strong energy practitioner, you dont let the spirits do all the work unlike a fair amount of people.
Your true self is wearing a suit of armor sitting down, back straight, proud and confident. White skin, dark hair, the darkness surrounds you protectively. You have some strong guardians.

In my scan trade depending on how deep you go can you check and see how loosened the seal by my core is please and thank you?

Curious, what do you see from the guardians?

But on to your scan… This may sound unusual, but you feel like a walk in case. Your main energy feels like a typical humans, but there is an overlay of energy from another source that appears to be mentally latched on, this energy heavily reminds me of what I assume a Phoenix would feel like.

I don’t see a core in the typical area, rather surrounding the crown chakra. This is creating conflicts in your energy system, but nothing too bad. You do need to work on uniting both energies though, which could be seen as a seal.

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Huh interesting after most scans and forms of divination people label me as infernal and draconion.
This is definitely a first, are Phoenix just fire or fire, solar energy?
Last time I got a scan from you it was normal :joy:
I did have one opportunity for a walk in afterwards. Guess I have some investigation to do.
Thank you for the scan Bercus.

Ah, I did a scan for you before? Completely forgot lol. But yeah, not much experience with either draconian or pheonix myself. Felt like a mixture of fire and solar.

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I’d like a scan trade, I’m fairly new to this so can’t promise much on the accuracy front (although I’ve had some good stuff come up) but I’ll put 100% effort into it. So what do you say?

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Sure I can scan you back later tonight. Its 10:47am right now. So I can do it about 7PM if you dont mind waiting

Thank you and sure, I’ll give your scan a go in a few hours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Scam trade?

Hey Noctis, I am a beginner at scanning so don’t take the below too seriously but hopefully something will resonate.
So the first thing I seen was an old boy scouts tent. I was looking at it from the outside and although it was daylight, the tent was pitch black and I couldn’t see what was inside. I felt like inside the tent was where I needed to go, I got a feeling of stepping into the fear of the unknown like maybe your in a new situation.


The second thing I seen was a large tree, not tall but wide and full of leaves. I immediately got a sense that it related to or was yggdrasil from Norse mythology. I’m not sure how it connects though. The tree looks like the one below in shape although I seen it as if I was looking at it in a field.

The third thing I seen was like an inverter cone shape like the one below but there was something on the inside of the cone on the left and right sides, maybe like flowers. Felt like a logo or symbol but really don’t have a clue what it could mean to you


The next thing I seen was a mushroom cloud like the one below. I felt like you could be dealing with the aftermation of something that happend. I wasn’t totally sure so I searched the internet and it said could also be bad results from a chaotic environment or impulsive decision.

I also seen a flag with horizontal stripes, I think it’s most likely the USA and relates to your residence.


The last thing I seen initially was like a dragon’s eye with what I thought were claws going toward the middle of the eye but now I think they were eye lashes, anyway I took a step back to see what it was and it was actually an owl with dragon eyes. Wasn’t too sure what to make of it although I feel like it related to you directly, like really directly (hard to explain) so I googled it but could only get meanings for owls which it said we’re to do with expanded awarenes and magical virtue (so if nothing else take it as a compliment :joy:).

O there was one more thing actually, I seen the below car and felt like the significance was to do more with the time period than anything else, it’s a 1950s car so not sure if that means anything to you.

So that’s it, o and I did briefly get an image of like an absolute black wall and like a round orange window in the middle that I felt was just lava, but no clue what that could be.

As I said I’m really new to this so of there are things here that don’t make sense it’s probably just my own thoughts getting in the way, but I’d appreciated any feedback which should help me to learn and grow and I look forward to your scan.

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I am stepping into a whole new situation.

In my soul scape, deep in my souls core there is a giant tree like you describe there. My soul scape has my akashik records and represents my souls very being. It’s pretty cool you saw that, you have a natural talent when it comes to scanning I think.

Interesting, I saw something similar months ago but I never wrote down the symbols, it has something to do with my soul.

My boyfriend passed away late august, I’m still dealing with that fallout. Plus the environment we lived in was chaotic and majorly fucked with my mental and emotional well being.

Yes I do live in the USA.

My soul is draconic, and I do have a connection with a deity who is big on owls.

My soul is also infernal as well. The lava could be a combo of my solar and fire energy as well. Could be either one of those. The only thing that doesn’t fit is the 1950s car. Awesome job on the scan, thank you. I’ll do mine in a bit.



Alright scanning you I see fire, burning away everything around you. I also see a lion, roaring proud and defiant in the face of opposition. People have tried to make you give up and you didn’t back down. Your to proud to simply just give up.
Looking at your energy pathways there slightly bigger then normal, and can use some work in enlarging the size of them and your chakras. I recommend direct energy work, and maybe a solar meditation to burn the stagnant energy out of your energy body.
I see darkness and lightning. I think you would do well working with darker spirits, Set comes to mind.
I see a man wearing armor holding a big broad sword,
his sword held in front of him.
He isnt wearing a helmet, brown hair, white skin, angular facial features. Green eyes. Sharp, doesnt miss a beat. Intelligent, strong willed. Your a warrior at your very core.

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Firstly, sorry for your loss, can’t even imagine what you went and are still going through.

Thanks for the feedback on my scan, really can’t describe how much it helps with confidence and reassurance.

The fire makes sense, I’ve only really gotten into spirituality in the last 3/4 months, before that I didn’t do anything at all so I feel alot is changing around me. I can see the lion in a sense, not sure it’s always a good thing lol.
The stuff about energy pathways is really really useful to know, I’ve been doing a bit of chakra meditation and just started reading up on direct energy work such as qi gong, so makes sense it needs more work. I’ll make a point of doing solar meditation, was thinking doing it consecutively every night for like a week, you reckon that will be effective? or is it like a long term thing where you need to do it for months.

Interesting that you say I would do well working with darker spirits because I never have worked with them, tbf I’ve barely worked with any as my senses are still so underdeveloped, but I’ll take this onboard and do some research into set.
The warrior thing resonates quite a bit.
Thank you for the scan!

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Anyone up for a scan?