Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back! (No tarot or channeling please)

Oh cool. Thanks

Please I need a scan

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Anyone wanna trade?

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I can trade.


I see a dark night sky with gray couds a full moon like a bright orange looking moon lighting up this farm area,

In the middle of the farm it set up different then most there place where one grow food but dead center where the house is there is fire going like a campfire

People are there sitting drinking look like there talk to can’t make out what there saying. The fire it self shift fire a red flame to a green one oddly

There are some ritual tools next to them one is a dagger of some kind it seem to be having a lot of demonic energy flowing through this blade

The other person has a ritual cup filled with something like blood I’m guess or something else not sure

The last person I think they have some sword it call a khopesh type of sword, the energy of this blade is pulse from working with gods/goddess

As for you I see tall man well dressed oddly too dressed for a ritual space and a farm they have dark hair is pull back, there eye are of blue/gold. Color. They also have a sort ish dark hair beard

Anyways that what I got