Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back! (No tarot or channeling please)

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Could you ask Lexmanah what the next step in my journey is?

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Lexmanah said, trust in your self and the power that you have, you are strong trust your channeling, you spell work, your ritual work, all part of your self, let me guide you, let make guide you joinery, let me show all the hidden realms with in the void let me teach you. this what i got let me know if you need a other scan if this scan was good or not.

can i get a scan with Michael about what entities is trying to block my path and how can banish them,


There are some angels that are trying to block you. There is an Over-Angel above them that you should talk to to keep them off your back.

Alsola is his name, the over-angel.

I feel insecure because I feel like I don’t have as much knowledge or expertise in philosophy or in something academic to make me feel strong in my own knowledge and occult understanding.

I still feel like I want to achieve an understanding of all things, but I feel like I don’t know how to get there and be able to feel like I really have it.

Could you get a message from Source about this? Not just Source, but the God that rules over all things?

Thank you saw itate you actually send me a message , just finished nightshift , could not focus on anything before that , sorry it took so long , first I tried to focus on your core I got images of fire and air maybe the elements you are mostly made of , scanned your aura from what I saw there were some issues on your root or sacral chakra ( where the sexual organs are ) and a little bit of smudge around your crown chakra rest is fine , there seems to be someone or something around you that is creeping up on your , does not have good intentions so protect yourself , saw someone staring from the abyss at your a colosal of some kind amt like chutullu or how is called xD , your spirit guides or something like that show me that they have noticed you growing and you are still in a early phase of your development they will protect you , you don’t seem to be alone silver wolves all around you taking care like you are one of their own
That’s all rly sorry it took me so long had to wait for the night shift to end , was too tired xD

Do you want to trade?

Oke îl do first so you don’t have to wait for me :)) wait to get home

Long time since I traded with you , care for it ?

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I’m half-asleep now, but I can scan you when I wake up

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@Silverleaf Your energy feels very infernal to me. It’s also centered around your head/throat. I feel my third eye reacting as I peer into your energy. You feel solemn and serious. Your energy does at least. I try to visualise your soul and I see red and also chains. The chains aren’t breaking… do you have to overcome something right now? Is there a woman you have feelings for that you’re hung up on? Those chains… could it be you’re working through the Qliphoth or some other heavy system and it’s burdening you? You feel burdened at the moment to me, and yeah gravely serious. Advice I can give… believe in yourself. You will feel relief about a certain situation you’re dealing with now.

Chakras. Root: fine. Sacral: fine. Solar Plexis: good. Heart: energy around there, I don’t know if it’s grief or part of spiritual work you’re doing. Throat: fine. Third Eye: lol. I couldn’t see it at first but yeah it feels electric, you’re working on something strongly. Crown: fine.

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Thanks quite accurate , first I was daydreaming and this image of you came to my mind not the actual scan but I was curious if it fits , seems that you are heartbroken and blaming yourself which you shouldn’t do even if you did mistakes it may feel hopeless in your eyes , is part of your challenges in this life , in the end it all goes away and won’t matter anymore , you will catch your break through some miraculous circumstances,
Actual scan : first you should remember you are a colossus and behave accordingly I see dragons which is how you look you me , there is a working or a goal vortex moving counterclockwise like a tornado starting shape from the darkness and forming fully into something bright and light like faces of a same coin , as above so below , it’s starting to get a fully shape not balanced yet tho I see some strange spheres looks to me like a goal maybe or the outcome shiny and bright

There are bats around you trying to get your attention maybe towards this kind of path , you need to be strong I see you are protected already tho may be the case to get some offensive skills as well .
Does this resonate a bit ?

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I’ve never had a heartbreak in my life, but I feel like karmic and spiritual forces have always been trying to get this to happen. I blame myself for trusting New Age parasites but I also get how I couldn’t have helped it. Certain stuff does seem hopeless, like it simply can’t be changed by magic. I suppose I should find out what these bats and this path is, but I’m not seeing an incentive to pursue it. I am protected, offensive skillls hmm… I’ve done curses and visualisations for killing parasites and stuff. Thanks!

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Are you able to get to my scan?

When I get home

:eyes: pm for trade scan

I’m down to trade scan on here. I like the practice.

Can I get a scan

I see a gold dragon with a purple material behind him. Dragons are empowering your life, but this energy comes with stress.

I see a golden, celestial empress who looks upon sternly but with concern in her heart.

I feel that you are meant to integrate various energies from different mythologies and put more emphasis on expanding your knowledge of overall religion.

That’s all.

Can I get Scan. what you can see to me using one of my aspect of my soul name “Orin”.

@itschatte2229 Orin- There is a golden lion with a serpent entwined around it, like a modified caduceus. Your energy is rippling and golden, it is actually a very pure and crystalline energy. There are some colors like pink and blue- Would it be correct to say you are a person who highly values love and emotional connections, has strong solar affinities and a love for Angelic Magick? Getting very strong celestial vibes.

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anyone to do a scan trade ?