Want to see your living soul inside of you? - Be scanned and Scan back! (No tarot or channeling please)

I’m pretty doubtful when it comes to more my interaction with spirits even if I try not to be. Scans are a bit different because I can just watch them and give the message, I have a hard time doing that with spirit work.


Would anyone like to trade?

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Alright i have just scanned you.
Take this tip:
A photo is irrelevant. Maybe glance at the name close your eyes and record / draw what comes. Easy. Use incense.
For Myself. I am already in my body. So place youe scanning mind of My name.

I am uploading it to my channel si you can hear it - ja i forgot about the visual here😉.

Here it is Typed:

I had concept of spiral, a circle within a circle within a circle 3,4,5,6 circles

Shaded in purple top right and on bottom left is shaded red

Top left concept of open doorway, visual of a man standing in the doorway. You are standing there waiting to enter the vortex of yourself. You are hesitant.
“You will stand still. I command you” (I, Morgana gave you the command).
You enter the room “Enter. Thats it. Shed your fear”
You have horns going from the mid Center of the skull medium /small sized.
Theres writing & scrolls on them. They look like contract writing, daemon writing
I see no wings. You. Do not fly.
Ano of you has come to the doorway,.
“Enter the room. That’s it”.
Another of you enters the room unadorned plain, unclothed not quite naked, not quite clothed. You have no colour at all, no description. Like, the other you,.
Its you the personality! And the other form is your gid form. Your god form is waiting for you.
It is up to you Mek’lesh Ni.
To turn & face Yourself.
“place your red hand out & your left hand out & hold Your hands” (that is, your gid forms ‘hands’).
I see you doing this at some point.
(i then See): Grass meadows walking, as union.
Then you meet another aspect of You. Four legs, tail, idea of wings. Not quite. Some sort of combination between animal species as known here (earth)…
You… Merge
Yoy are both Kasek. Meme’lith Ne’atun.
Both Beings are Kasek. Meme’lith Ne’atun.
It is not light and dark.
It is nit left and right.
It is One idea and another idea. Both Same idea.
You are recognising Yourself.

You need to be naked before yourself.

The channel stopped there.
In case this is easier than my typing… Its a blank screen :smirk:

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So I did your scan, felt a little heavy after doing your scan.

  • I saw you walking on an empty road aimlessly feeling kinda dizzy, As you walk you see thousands of people standing infront you but as you get closer you realise that they’re not human beings. There stands the two demons a name came to me for these two were Furcas & Balam along with them stands thousands of spirits, dark mist hovering upon them. These two start talking to you in an ancient language which you do not understand, after awhile the spirits start to chant something, i tried to hear what they were chanting and I heard they saying “malakuth wal mashhud”
    They disappear so also your dizziness, you feel calm but at the same time your heart beats faster and your face turns pale. You move forward to a road which felt extraordinary…you’re walking on this road at night, the light of full moon brights that dark road, you see an old woman at your right, sitting on a road selling talismans, she gives you one and she disappears, you move forward and see market not an ordinary market but there were extraordinary people doing chants and selling skulls and bones. You run, as one unknown spirit approaches you coming to in a form of a beautiful girl, wearing black cloak, with fiery eyes, smiling. She holds your hand and take you to a cave, where you sit in a meditative position. She whispers wisdoms into yours ears as within a second she disappears so do you. That’s where it end. :heart::slightly_smiling_face:
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Scan bro?

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Interesting. Very good.
Well I am in time of meditation and reflection.
Have many spiruts that I am currently working with. I know intimately who that girl is :wink:.

I am coming to the conclusion of a process in which I agreed to “rest”
I didn’t want to rest this much and it made me feel aimlessly and restless, I certainly argued with my guides and protector about it. Am still being shielded :blush:, of course, but niw am approaching a work period again.
The cave is Belial. The girl is an aspect of Me.

[{ I am required to redo my gatekeepers series for 3 months each and write grimorores each :upside_down_face:]}]

Well youe read was doog. Why do you not think less of your ability.
Keep doing these and more.
The more you work and meditate the effective. The telepathy (visual & audial & conceptual), will become more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thankyou. :slightly_smiling_face:
Glad that you understood and interpret all that I’ve said.
I’ll surely try to do these more often as advised by you. :slight_smile:

Anyways, your reading was amazing. There were just these 2-3 words I found difficult to understand. Mek’lesh Ni, Kasek. Meme’lith Ne’atun. What does it mean?

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Yes, I see you at a cemetery crying over a deceased after awhile scene changes into rain and shining sun you look up at the sky as rain drops fall upon your face, you get a smile on your face aswell as tears falling from your eyes…tears of joy. Then, I see you again surrounded by seekers of knowledge you teaching them the art of Alchemy, but the voice isn’t yours. It’s a horrific voice of a demon speaking within you. The seekers of knowledge then disappear into a thin air, you’re just there alone. After awhile I see it’s all dark, you look awe full, your eyes turning red reciting a mantra infront of a bonfire. That’s where it ends.

What the fuck

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Interesting as I have been getting images of caskets in my head… Meh… Who is gonna die…you said I looked aweful …how awful exactly

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Would you also want a scan… Your scan us dope I feel like its mixed with precognition As well

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Great scan though

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Vision of you being at the cemetery indicates a long life for you. Atleast from my perception.

You looked “Awe full” not awful. You looked extremely powerful.

And I am glad you liked the scan. :heart::dizzy:

Shit I thought someone would die…yikes…

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Too bad :joy::joy:…ill do a scan for you if you send a pic on here

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How did the, seekers of knowledge appear… Like style of clothing etc

scan me if you wish, but put defense spells for yourself if you can

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Why defence spell?

been dealing with crap, so just in case, that is if you wish to scan me, its not a problem if you dont feel comfortable

Thankyou for letting me know. :dizzy: Yeah, I use protection spell before every reading and do a cleansing spiritual bath. But anyway thankyou for being caring. :heart::dizzy::wilted_flower:
I wish Your every problem you’re facing gets solved soon and may you be grant ease. :heart:

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