Walking the gates of the Necronomicon. .an Arianna experience

With water crystal clear


His name is coming up a lot.

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I have finished the Inanna gate and am now working on the fourth gate. The sun.

Sharing my experiences with only a select few for the most part.

Though i will say each gate builds on the next kinda like building blocks … even though im in the sun gate things are still coming up from the Inanna gate.
Everything seems to fit together in pieces its very interesting.

Somewhere in the great pyramid there was and possibly is a black mirror.

Ari :rose:


Interested in this. I have something that starts from the Ninth Gate and works backwards. @DarkestKnight knows what Im talking about.

Glad this is going well for you so far


ur experienxes r tailored to ur subjextive inxlinations that u have grown as a veil. the words brain(mind) bloxk xome to mind only bexause what u digest or learn is what is used by ur subxonsxious. so if all u kno is of angels these beings will show themselves as suxh. its like a safe guard to ur psyxhe. getting a demon or any entity to manifest physixally xould damage what u kno is and what u kno not. walking the first gate ur still indigenous to what xould be.

Spirits often defy our expectations. I would try to bring back some kind of knowledge that I could test and verify. That’s what would seal the deal for me. Good work.

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I’ve been kinda sitting on this and had to take a break from it. I was suppose to start the fourth gate when I stopped. I’ll be picking this back up.

I need to finish this. :metal:

Lol :laughing:

Tonight I’m going to do the 4th gate again. It seems I’ve already done it but I just don’t remember too much about it like I do the Inanna Gate. So I’m doing it again and then moving on to the next one.

I’m sure there’s a reason I need to.

It’s really strange, when I was drawing this gate it felt like I had done it already but I really can’t seem to find notes or anything where I actually did it :thinking:

So, I’m doing it tonight, either way.


So, I drew this gate out on a sheet and laid it on my bed. The plan was to sleep in the gate tonight.

But I was laying on my bed on my stomach and I admit I’ve been in a bitchy mood all day. I’m not sure if it’s my monthly trying come on or I’m just a bitch but either way I was just lying on my stomach … I thought of the father of darkness. And that pissed me off and no I really don’t know why. But I was lying there and I remember thinking …father of darkness. Do I look like I’m afraid?
And a dark shadow came up behind me and said, “of course your not afraid, you are my daughter”
Then where have you been?

I’ve been right here.

I don’t believe in you.

Of course you don’t … Yet your having a conversation with me and lying in the gate of the black sun.

Is that why your here because of the gate? But it’s not the black sun…

No. What does your book say?

I can’t find my book.

And it’s driving you crazy.

So then I proceed to look all over my room for my gates of the necronomicon book that I couldn’t find and had to use my other Necronomicon book to draw the gate.

I search under my bed.
I search between the wall and my bed. I look in all my bags.
Finally , I just give up and lay back down on my bed…
I look over at my altar and there it is sitting on my altar with my tarot cards on top.

So I get the book…
" now what does the book say?"

This star has the sinister connotation xuan Ming. Or underworld …black obscurity , mysterious darkness.
And blah blah blah.

The north is therefore, the land of the midnight sun.

And there we are…

Ok fine.

“What are you going to do with your dragons?”

I don’t know.

What are you gonna do with that d. Star ?

I don’t know .

So your just playing it by ear?

Pretty much. All my plans get messed up anyway.


What am I suppose to do?

What are you suppose to do?

If I knew I wouldnt be asking you.

Where do you come from?


No shit.

I think he smirked.

Definitely my daughter.

I can feel darkness like a shadow moving around me like a cloak.

Why were you afraid of the dark.

You know why.

And who helped you get over that ?


Ah, yes the great prince. Helped you face your fear and get over it.


So why are you so angry right now.

I don’t know.

But you do know.

Because every one is always happy except me. I want a happy ending too damn it.

Of course.

Well my darling, your gonna have to figure it out.

Ya think.


Is that what you showed up for? To tell me to figure it out.

No, I showed up because you called me.

You never showed up before.

You never called before.

But your not the god associated with this gate.

Do I need to be? I am far more ancient than this gate or god.

But you know about it. You connect through it.

I can use anything I choose to connect

But you only said my name tonight. And maybe the gate with its darkness helped you.


You opened your Taurus gate.

Yea, I guess I needed to do that before I could do this.
But the whole time I was drawing this gate it felt like I had already done it.

Then what did you draw it on?
I don’t remember. I just know the symbols . it was like remember I had done it. But I can’t find any notes on having done it.

Then, may be this was so we could meet.


But I was afraid.


I was afraid of the dark. Until Set helped me.

You said of course you aren’t afraid but i was.

Yes, you were. But were you really? If you had to go though the to save your child , would the dark have mattered?


Then were you ever truly afraid.

I guess not.


Now. You have your book and your in the gate. So why don’t you get some rest … And see what visions come in your sleep.




I did have some intersting dreams.

I’m still in the gate.
The Father of Darkness is still here.

I ask him, what can you help me with?

He replies what can I help you with? You already know what your about to ask.

In the beginning was darkness.


So if I’m your daughter what does that make me?

I suppose that would make you the light from the darkness.

But what does that mean?

It means you have a lot of work to do.

You couldnt have found me when I was younger?

You werent ready.


I dont think I’m ready now either…so I’m not sure if thats a good answer.

So darkness is always around.


So how does light play into this?

Maybe I wanted an equal opposite.

Like opposites attract?

Sort of.

I see you found a use for your dragons ?


Dont forget your cloak.

How could I forget it. Plus, Ive become rather fond of it.



So ive done the 5th gate Nergal.

It was very interesting to say the least. And I found ties to Hecate hidden within this gate. This gate helped me push forward and learn how to dominate my life on my term.

Now I’m onto the 6th gate. The Marduk gate and this will be intersting for sure as Ive already experiences with it before I even started. :metal:


Sweet! I’m glad you have resumed walking the gates, princess :slight_smile:

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This has taken a long time to do but it’s been so worth it!

It’s been hard work and sorting through feelings and emotions but with each gate I become stronger .

After the Marduk gate I will only have one left to go!


Awesome! You go, girl! :heart:

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I appreciate how supportive you are of me. And how I can just come to you and talk to you about anything. And I don’t have to pay for your time or attention because you are always ready to help me. Whether its just needing a hug, advice or a good spanking :joy:

I dont think anyone could measure up to you. Its not about money or cars or any of that. Its about who is there for you giving you the time, attention and supprt you need.

I love you so much! :heart:


I start the last gate tonight.

I feel proud of myself for my persistence and courage. To push a head when I wanted to quit. To keep going to finish what I started. To complete my task.

I have a bottle of wine sitting on my altar that I’ve had for a while now. When I’ve completed this… I think that will be my special occassion I’ve been waiting for to open it.

I’m excited!
I have made it all the way to the end. Alot of magicians don’t make it past the 3rd gate. But here I am. :smiley:

Feeling awesome :sunglasses:

Special note: it’s interesting that my last two gates were the Jupiter and Saturn gates and as im doing these last two gates back to back. There is a Jupiter - Saturn conjunction. Causing the two planets to appear as one star.

Coincidence … I think not :laughing:


I recently purchased a copy of this tome. How was working through it for you in hindsight?

Challenging! Every step of the way. And times when you think , should I keep doing this?

But there is something about us magicians. We live for the next thing, the next adrenalin rush.
So once you start buckle up and be ready to hold on tight. It’s one helluva ride.


Indeed. I expect 2021 to be even harder, so I’m preparing my plans and workings now and the Simon Necronomicon became of interest.

Thank you!