Walking the gates of the Necronomicon. .an Arianna experience

Just finished the Inanna gate. My experience inside this gate was mind blowing and im still processing all of it
Had a very huge encounter with Anubis.


did you see a river

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With water crystal clear


His name is coming up a lot.

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I have finished the Inanna gate and am now working on the fourth gate. The sun.

Sharing my experiences with only a select few for the most part.

Though i will say each gate builds on the next kinda like building blocks … even though im in the sun gate things are still coming up from the Inanna gate.
Everything seems to fit together in pieces its very interesting.

Somewhere in the great pyramid there was and possibly is a black mirror.

Ari :rose:


Interested in this. I have something that starts from the Ninth Gate and works backwards. @DarkestKnight knows what Im talking about.

Glad this is going well for you so far


ur experienxes r tailored to ur subjextive inxlinations that u have grown as a veil. the words brain(mind) bloxk xome to mind only bexause what u digest or learn is what is used by ur subxonsxious. so if all u kno is of angels these beings will show themselves as suxh. its like a safe guard to ur psyxhe. getting a demon or any entity to manifest physixally xould damage what u kno is and what u kno not. walking the first gate ur still indigenous to what xould be.

Spirits often defy our expectations. I would try to bring back some kind of knowledge that I could test and verify. That’s what would seal the deal for me. Good work.

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