Wait so...what's the difference between Evoking & Invok?

Can I bind my own consciousness? I want to loosen my binding from this body for easier astral projection.

Evocation is calling a spirit forth into your perceptive objective awareness for communication. Invocation is becoming aware of the part of yourself that the spirit is connected to. Given that we ate talking about aspects of the universe or gods and not disembodied entities such as ghosts or nature spirits.


Or bind my consciousness to my astral body

This strikes me as a difficult proposition given that your self possesses a will precisely equal to your own… Unless you enlist the help and will of another entity(s) as goetic magicians and shamans do.

I have tried, but I cannot even hear them. I have used their sigils to evoke them

And I want to leave my body as soon as possible.

I recommend Josephine McCarthy’s Qvareia. It’s a solid, steady, and free series of courses for training and improving a number of magical facultiesin oneself, including AP.



@Dusk I never heard of that course be4! I’ll check that out too! Thanks.

You have no one true self. You have a human self, an astral self, and many others. Each have their own consciousness. If you throuw your perception to your astral self, or bind yourself to it in some way, your human mind would still continue in a linear fashion. You could still learn new things, gain new memories, and go about your daily business this way while your astral self gets the most of the attention from the whole of what you are instead of the parts.

In short it is possible but I do not believe it is what you are looking for. You wouldnt necessarily get the full oobe i feel you are looking for, but more probably a case of split attention and minds.

I believe astral self is being controlled by subconscious when you are not using it.

That is what astral projection is. It is transferring your consciousness to your astral self. Binding just keeps it there permanently or a better connection.

But what im saying is consciousness doesnt necessarily end or cease for the human mind when this process occurs, and split consciousness is a very real possibility. Youre limiting your perception of AP to full OOBE, when im saying that isnt always the case.

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Well if I unbind my consciousness from my human body then all that is left is full OOBE

You can’t unbind your consciousness from your human self because that is natural and self arising. Without you present the heart would still beat and the brain still think. To unbind yourself would be death or coma, permanent severing of the link to the human mind to itself.


yup. A new spirit will take over so that does not happen

So, from the human perspective (assuming one has no training), no real change happens. Their days continue as they have before. Change might happen, but human change. Human processes cannot discern something larger and more complex than it. Some part of you might be free, but a part your human self no longer has any connection too.

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Yeah, I’ve read that as well. The terminology could be construed and used in a few different ways. Maybe there’s a bit more to it than just simple invoke / evoke. Altars, shrines, talismans, scrying devices, soul houses, etc could very well be simple portals or links to the being like sigils/seals, etc. (though seal would seem to indicate more of a ward/protection or closing rather than a mark… aka like wax seal being both).

Perhaps each individual will construe it differently and manifest their will in the way they see it. I’m sure that over time their view will change with experience.

I had a good awakening this morning. I’m always glad when I’m touched by those that I try so hard to work with. I find they tease more since my skill level is so novice but that’s fine. I really don’t want to know it all so fast and at once.