Visibility Spell For Dollar Bill: For New Magician

Hello, I am a new magician looking to make some extra money.

Although I am looking to start my own business to make open the pathways for my existing money magic, I have an idea that I would like some input on.

I sometimes have had store clerks make mistakes when taking my money, treating a ten dollar bill as a twenty dollar bill and giving me more money than I originally had! I wanted to know if there was a spell to change the appearance of a dollar bill so that it looks like a 50 dollar bill or even a hundred dollar bill.

I would also like to know if anyone has resources that they can point me towards.

Thanks in advance.


When I wanted to get more money I burnt some dried basil (which turned out to have a stench that others thought was weed, thankfully it wasn’t a huge problem and I got away with it). I don’t really recommend doing that indoors or in a public area but you can also put basil in your wallet. Doing both of those things I ended up getting over $15 in tips on the first Friday I worked my fast food job and the tips were over $10 every Friday for a while (I guess the basil crumbles away after a bit).
(P.S I recommend basil because it’s a money herb)


I don’t have a job like that, but I’m not sure if it works more directly to make my money appear to be more than it really is. It’s a really specific result, and I’m not sure if I can control it to do that for me.


To be honest I didn’t control the result. I just thought about getting more money and it happened.

You can use Bay Laurel instead to avoid the smell issue. Similar property in attracting money.

Edit: Keeping a dried leaf in your wallet with your money helps to double the amount inside as well. I haven’t had complete doubling, but definitely an increase.


That could easily get the clerk fired if their boss thinks they took the money themselves when the cash register gets checked at night, or because they’re just incompetent - unless you’re actually into that kind of thing, why not try methods that won’t ruin a stranger’s life?

This is also really good:


Thank you for the provided resources.