Using Angels to control demons

Honestly it depends on the kind of authority you want: respect or fear. Using god names and circles to bind spirits is more or less the equivalent of threatening to kick someone’s head in if they don’t do as you tell 'em, while approaching the spirit in question with confidence and mutual respect is obviously the nicer and, in the long run, more beneficial approach.
I recommend a business style approach. Offer something in return ( eg. performing rituals etc. ) in exchange for aid in your own goals. As you work with the same spirit regularly, you may find the spirit doesn’t want anything in return, similar to two friends helping each other out.
Obviously this is just one very narrow example, but I trust you get the idea. You can force spirits to do your bidding, whether with your own power or through the use of god names, but it’s better to approach them with a sense of mutual respect and discuss a course of action. It’s also worth noting that, like pissing off people in day to day life, being cruel can bite you in the arse later down the line.


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Here you go- my personal opinion on my thoughts on combining the two- slightly off topic but you get the idea. Or at least of my OWN personal opinion. Also calling upon a demon and then threatening them is extremely offensive and potentially dangerous. I’ll save all that. But you can dig into this debate.

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Okay so this is why i am a big fan of building your personal spirtual power and understanding first. Depending what angle of perspective and your own paradigm in relation to these systems the result is gonna change how this work out for you.

From the perspective of the magician the “god, godnames and divine powers” invoked in operations like these are ALL a part of self that are normally not active in everyday life. With this realization or ritual awakening of power you then speak with the power of creation, transformation and destruction.

BUT from the perspective of someone fresh out of any of the JCI religions their assumptions and programming is gonna be based on these same forces residing outside of self and something that must be either reclaimed or begged for depending on the mindset. As well as the programming being undeserving of power in the first place. Blech :skull:

In my own case i have zero direct ties to any JCI religion but have still grown up in a society heavyly influenced by it and understand the magicians perspective but have unconscious and conscious conflicts with the monotheistic JCI systems from past events so this is not a good option of magick for me to explore as i would have to deal with alot of conflict in both my mind and likely my manifestions and ritual results.


There are different ways to get demons or any other spirit to work with you, one is to use higher authority, like using God’s names and powerful Angels etc. But in my view, this is not a guarantee that the Demon will do what you asked for. You still need to make a deal. The authority here only brings the demon to the table, so to speak, listen to what you have to say and give you an answer. The same effect can be done by simply calling the Demon.

If you used the highest authority you can think of, that doesn’t mean you’ll get better results. Most of your requests - or commands, if you wish to think of them as such - will manifest, some won’t happen as promised, and few other times the Demon will simply say no to your face, even if God - personally - is standing behind the Demon’s back to force him to obey. Spirits, especially Demons, don’t give a fuck! If they want to screw you up, they will find a way.

At the end of the day, the technique you used to bring the demon to your presence, will always get you the same result from any type of magick. Even magickal work that doesn’t involve any kind of spirits. If you’re good at your craft, most of your work will be successful, some won’t happen at all, and few could backfire. When your work is successful, you won’t hear any comments or arguments about that anywhere from anyone. Everyone’s happy. But if the ritual didn’t work or the spell backfires, that’s when you’ll hear all kinds of explanations of why this happened. Examples : Demons hate the way you called them, You used “their enemy” and they’re punishing you… etc" Reminds me, and I apologize if that sounds offensive - about what religious people say to explain why a prayer wasn’t answered. Any of these explanations is true? That depends on which explanation you found logical and makes sense to you.

The way you deal with Demons from a personal prospective is a matter of choice and conviction, in my view, it doesn’t affect the results in any way, unless you believe it does or expect - consciously or subconsciously - that it should.


Why bully them or threaten them just to get your meager paltry demands that mean jack and shit to the greater cosmos of infinity to eternity?

I really doubt angels or daemons give a rusty rut fuck when you play both sides of the fence with little to offer but possible amusement.

I don’t call them at all. If they are genuinely fucking interested in me then the beings approach or contact or do some synchronicity event that’s out of the fucking blue.

The challenge of life is to conquer your obstacles with the level cranked to over max. Otherwise… well these spirits look at you like a pussy that needs a good fucking.


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Hi there OP! I’ve noticed that some people think of ‘authority’ in the sense of ‘haha I’m your boss now’, but IME the concept of authority runs much deeper. It isn’t about getting them to listen to you, it’s about puppeting. Slaves are the closest idea we have that represents the level of authority some kinds of people seek. There’s a depth of authority in which the being’s continuity is dependent on your whims or its success, where your will pilots people like mechas and bends everything.

A partially realized human being could have authority over more spirits than there are numbers for. If you’re looking to command demons, my only suggestion is- THINK BIGGER! :slight_smile:

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You don’t call on them? Your missing out. It obviously doesn’t mean anything to the universe but obtaining your desires mean something for you. To each his own I guess lol

Yeah I think it comes down to intention. Are you using angels to threaten and bind the demon or to empower and project authority from your ritual. That’s what I have found effective. I use the ritual process found in demons of magick by Gordon winterfield.

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I do know what you mean though thank you for the reply

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I believe that you should always have magick authority when speaking to any entity so that you can obtain results. You should always be direct clear, and be assertive. That doesn’t mean to insult or threaten the demon. So many people praise demons so much and like some kinda meta-god. When you treat demons like there superior to you, the demon benefits the most while you barely get anything.


Hi OP! Honestly it depends on your relationship, your spiritual kid is bound to feel a sense of duty to you but I see a lot of out-of-character ‘contractor worship’.

Marketers want you to tell people how good they were. Your friends don’t care about getting paid back, within reason, usually at least! :slight_smile:

If you have an ‘end to uphold’, its business, not pleasure. But hey, maybe these demons will actually gain something tangible from it? shrugs Who am I to judge, everybody’s gotta eat! :slight_smile:

I agree on that. Most humans today believe they can command rather than lead by example. Most are terrible leaders. And many followers are terrible since they just let said leaders roll over them with hollow words and little action. Many can’t delegate tasks effectively. I’m speaking more in line with what I’ve witnessed in the construction industry for large projects but I imagine that model is followed in other fields.

Waste is huge and like a sieve that has extra giant holes punched into it. Surely similar lazy slothful models are in the spirit world.


Have u read the ea book of Azazel.Azazel said many demons and angels bow down before him so I don’t think u can use angel to control demon.But I don’t know maybe it can be so

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