Urine for control/ manipulation,

Hi,guys,im tnking of put some names on a 20 onzs jar,full of urine,i knw about jhon the q, ,frozen spell,& love spells,let say,i dnt have time,materials,or $$$ so crosing names drop paper in my urine be allrght for while,u,til i mix it whit some herbs,powders,im doing tmw,tanks

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Your own piss is one pf the strongest things you can use. But piss is for protection and domination. I know a girl that is in 21 divisions. She said piss is really good for love spells. I’ve even heard of people using their own shit and putting it on the persons name.


Share some recipes with urine for domination and love spells?

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Piss is great for many things, one of which is cursing.


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