Tutorial : Tool-Free Magick Using Your Hands


Something I have often wondered if it’s just me or if this is a ‘thing’:

When I ask myself a question I often notice that with the immediate impulse answer or feeling, I get an automatic initial bodily reaction like scratching an itch on my nose even though there was no itch, or I might sniff or clear my throat for no apparent reason or I suddenly become aware of blinking right after I feel or see this initial impulse answer.

I might suddenly make a statement to myself and instantly there is some kind of bodily action for no apparent reason and I wonder if this is a subtle energy trying to give me a hint of some kind.

Are these subtle reactions indicating my limitations that I can change? I think so.
When I get a negative answer that comes along with one of these reactions I replay the scene or question a few times until I get a clear projection of what I would like to see.

I suppose this is what we all do but not necessarily notice all the time.


I think so as well, I have a gut feeling about some things and it’s always correct, yet, stupidly, I still ignore it sometimes! :roll_eyes: