TUTORIAL: Extremely strong love spell

How the candle burns XY should burn XY after me

As the candle melts, XY should melt XY after me

As the candle drips, XY should drip XY after me

x7 okey?

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Color of candle has to be red? Can I do it with any colored candle?


So it must be a Red coloured candle


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Thank you, I have a heart to swoon


Good luck brother :smile:


Guys, any feedback to this spell would be appreciated :yellow_heart: @anon37277465 check also this :slight_smile:


Thank youuuu :cherry_blossom::sparkling_heart: trying this and i’ll post !

btw if anyone knows if the chant has to be said in english or in our native language… it always confuses me af haha

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Its wayne

Lol :joy::joy: in your language ofc


Now hold on, the name is carved from bottom to top right? And do we need to let the candle burn out until the end? What about the needles what if they fall?

Or is it that once we repeat the paragraph 7times we turn off the candle and then repeat it later?

I will try this tonight after getting clarifications


The name is incised above. When the needles fall off, leave everything as is and use it again next time.


I still don’t get how to say this. Can you use actual names to explain?

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No disrespect, we appreciate you sharing this with us but there is a communication issue on how you’re conveying the spell. It seems like you’re not being explicable enough. That could mean anything. Maybe theres a language barrier. Who knows?

What this needs is detail in where instead of using XY use ________ a blank space. It shows those who wish to use the spell that it should be the Targets name and their name.

When you do candle magic, color sometimes is key. Where white is universal, red is for love. You never mentioned that.

When you engrave names the name can go up or down. Away and toward mean things in ceromancy.

And lastly, if the pins fall off leave everything as is and use it again next time? That is REALLY vague. What are they using for next time? The pins? The wax? A new candle with a clean base or are they leaving the melted wax and same pins? The devil is in the details, dear.

Now, in my experience, someone can just put a twist on this in their own way and not need your explicit tutorial. I’m sure all spells from the past have played Telephone and something is missing in translation but this is the internet so theres that.


Is there a lust inducing version of the spell?

The most important questions were answered colleague.

The spell is all in one.

Right, but what if I don’t want to induce obsessive romantic feelings, just lust? Is there a version of the spell useful for things like one night stands, short flings, friends with benefits type relationships, etc?

You know, no strings attached? I don’t want some yandere chick romantically obsessing over me, stalking me and suffering over me not returning her romantic affections amd only wanting sex from her.

But SEXUALLY obsessing over me until I’m no longer interested in fucking her sounds hot!

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