Trying to manifest a bit of money in days

I feel I am being directed to sign up for a workshop/ retreat coming up this summer. I wasn’t planning on it his year but the feeling of “supposed to go” is very persistent. Last day for sign ups and fees is the middle of next week but I answered whatever is urging me to go “fair enough. If the fee is manifested in a few days off I will go.” The money showing up or not was going to be the simple go or no go for me. I’m fine with it either way. This morning though I woke up with an odd and equally persistent thought in my head. “Well what are you waiting for. Find a spirit and ask it to send you the fee. You gotta do the work here.” Now honestly I find this whole thing quite silly and slightly amusing. I feel like it’s obviously a test, aiming to see if I can really succeed in magically obtaining material items. I will certainly accept the challenge.

I’m not sure who to best work with on this one though. Bune is the first one that comes to mind but I know there are others For this and some who might be better for this task. Opinions anyone?

Salash’ash for quick cash, Hala’thor, both from Book of Azazel. Mammon is my preffered partner for manifesting abundance and I’d appreciate if you burn him a green candle if you enlist him at my recommendation. I have found more $20’s on the ground since meeting him than one person should be entitled to in a given incarnation lol.

Meditate on it between Salasash, Bune, Mammon, and Halathor. Even Lukorst from Kingdom of Flames could be great for this if this workshop is something divine providence intends for you to inherit.

If you make a choice from that list and dont own Book of Azazel or Kingdom of Flames PM me and I’ll get you the sigil.

Good luck


Burn Ginkgo Biloba twice a day : it also will make you famous !

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