True Sight - See Past The Illusion

How I accessed the true sight.

It had become apparent that while yes I did have access to spiritual sight, I could see spirits clearly and in detail. I could see the spiritual realms and various planes. I can see currents of power and energy, even the dragon lines that run through the earth. I could even see the auras of all people, animals, objects, plant matter etc.
At times I could even see the soul of the person that I would focus my spiritual sight upon.

All this was amazing yet all the spirits, demons and god’s I worked with, said that it was nothing compared to true sight. While yes seeing the spiritual realms in crisp detail like I would view the physical plane is great, it is still all an illusion.
How could i access that true sight then ?, How could I see through the eyes of a true eternal god.

Levels Of Opening The Eye.

There are different layers of “the third eye” if you will and I will list those various layers now in order.

1. The Energy Centre - The first layer of the Ajna Chakra, is just the vortex that syphons and then distills that indigo spectrum energy into the individual and back-out into existence. Where the cycle will repeat itself.

2. The Third Eye - The second layer is a lense that we direct our conscious observation and perception through. To see that which is beyond this physical plane of flesh and substance, allowing one to see energy, power, soul and spirit.

3. The Ajna Chakra - The word “Ajna” is translated as “Command,” or “Summon.” These are not describing any sort of passive receiver of impressions. The very word “Ajna” rings with tones of sorcery and supernatural power.
The word “Chakra” does not simply mean “wheel,” but literally means “turning,” or “spinning.” The indication is that each chakra is indeed a vortex of power.

The meaning of Ajna Chakra is “The Vortex of Command.” The true Vortex of Command is already literally right before your eyes.
A vortex which can be used to achieve incredible feats of power and command over reality.

4. The Eye Of The Gods - The eye of the gods is that which can see past the illusion, the sight which can penetrate through everything that we observe. Until the true power eye awakens and the balance of perfect flowing power is achieved. Just like Shakti the feminine force, which signifies the most pure form of power in existence. That descends unto Shiva’s lap and this consummates ultimate power and form in perfect universal balance. The eye then opens and a indigo flaming omnipotent power beams forth from the power eye, electrifying every electron in existence. Destroying everything in existence even at the subatomic level, until the true vision is saw. The nothingness, the void, that which is the truth.

As your power echos then through the indigo waves into the nothingness, it weaves your essence through all that is. You will then be apart of the limitlessness and it will be apart of you as you subsume the totality of it.

My Experience.

Meditating in the silent darkness of my soul, seeing the abysmal blackness and nothing else. Shapes, colours, lights, forms and geometric patterns all emerged from the blackness.
As I breathed the Zeal Chakra was pushing in all energy from around me, through my head beginning with the base of the skull.

As the circuit of power then coursed through my head and reached the Ajna, I began to get with the balancing of my Zeal pushing and my Ajna pulling. Causing the balance within just like Shiva and Shakti, the power swelling and building within the indigo centre. My forehead felt as if it was about to explode ripping flesh, from bone.
The vibrations of my fullest godself echoing through my like waves of the most dynamic purest power.

As all the shapes, forms, colour and spectacles tried to sway my sight and catch my attention.
I did not give it my attention, I gazed at the centre of darkness of the nothingness. I was not going to be swayed by the most amazing drug like sights and sounds. It was there to sway me of course i must observe casually without attachment, without intent of concern.
At this moment the centre of my vision exploded into light, behind the blackness of the eyelids.

I opened my eyes gazing in the same manner as I did with my eyes closed, unattached as supreme unconcerned observer. Everything around me disappeared, every molecules splitting and breaking, until the power unleased from my eye.
Until there was a white nothingness and the longer I stayed there, even the white disappeared leaving me with a moving blackness, a eternal nothingness that my eyes were physically seeing, without any medium or focal point.

All of creation had been destroyed by the gaze of my eye, leaving only the floating sacred ash.
I could then breathe my desire into those ashes and take the internal vision of a world I wanted and imbue that into the ashes.
As I commanded true power and will through that indigo vortex, through the eye of the eternal.
Creation came back into formation implanted with the desire and intention, recreating the world in my image and I could do this over and over again.

Wielding the powers of creation and destruction to achieve a simple task, if I saw it fit.
I had achieved true sight, thereby achieving the powers that only the eternal one would achieve.
This is the true potential of it isn’t it ?.
I mean come on its ultimate power … Yet once you have come to a specific stage in your development were you remove all chakra’s, even the third eye. Deep within that is a deeper eye, an eye which cannot be removed, the eye of the storm, the eye of the void, the eye of the infernal empire, the eye of darkness eternal, which has been called the dragons eye.


Thank you for sharing…

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Hey Kendall, just wanted to say that I’ve been seeing your posts around here for a while, and I can tell that you’ve really been practicing your writing (man, when I look back at some of my older stuff…oof). I dig your style, especially on this post, very descriptive of your experience without too much rambling “esoteric speak.”

I also like to do the one punchy sentence after a paragraph for emphasis thing (pretty fun).

It sounds like you’ve explored the chakra system quite a bit. I don’t see too many talk about that around here, so maybe people would be interested in hearing more about how you integrate it with more Western-style dark magickal practices. I don’t know what your audience usually enjoys, so grain of salt and all that, but I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Anyways, cheers mate :v:


You did use incenses or candles on your meditations?

Very nice brother. I have had similar experiences.

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And what if one has clearly seen the Dragon Eye? As in, it literally just came to a person, without them doing ANYTHING besides just everyday things.

They weren’t seeking it at all. Any input?

Because that’s exactly what happened.

I’ve bookmarked this for later use.

Thank You.

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I believe your talking about the external manifestation of the dragons eye.
The eye of the storm, the eye of the lord of darkness. Those that have seen this you can almost guarantee that at the time they were working with one of the nine demonic gatekeepers. Belial, Amaymon, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Bael, Asmodeus and Satan.

Almost all the time it’s tied to a magician that has started or is working with one or more of these gatekeepers. If the eye has come to you, then you have been called. You have heard the calling and have seen the flags of hell rising over the horizon. You have been chosen as a child of darkness, ready to emerge from the womb of the night.

There are even those that the eye has gazed upon and just don’t know it.
If you are being called which almost all of us are then you have two options.

  1. You can turn away and not risk diving into the abyss of outer darkness.


  1. You can dive head first into the black abysmal river and be willing to sacrifice everything upon your altar, for your benefit and your own becoming upon the path of darkness.

@C.Kendall another amazing post as always, but I have a question. I by choice choose not to see always. I can always see, hear, so on astrally or when with my soulmate. I am however very selective when seeing any other time. Would my not wanting to turn into my sight effect having this type of sight?

To quote Lovecraft:

“…but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”



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Thank you sister


Hello Sir, Some says for 7 tales of the Dragon, every chakra have 7 levels to open? Also you must first open all 7 of the first-root to can go to the second and after the same for the nexts or you can first level of alls?

I’ve been seeing a lot of these and its interesting that you say this:

Because Shemyaza also asked me if I’d carry their flag into the “battles to come”. Perhaps I’ll take on the 9 gatekeepers pathworking after all, as well as reawakening my dragons eye.


Another way to experiece what he calls the Dragon Eye is look and feel to where your spine meets your skull (the base of your skull) and then tell me what you feel/see/hear. If you do this then have water and/or food afterwards. I will tell you some things you can do with it after you message me about what you experience (if it is not too personal)

While I do appreciate the help, I do work within the Draconian Tradition when I work Demonic Magick, so I already have methods of awakening the demonic/draconic sight. I am also able to translate my own visions ordinarily speaking.

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Ok, I have considered doing things from that perspective before, what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so? Thanks in advance