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HI Ea. I was just wandering, you have gone through and studied all different types of practices such as voodoo and norse magick. you are a black magician yes? I was hoping if you could study spiritual satanism because that is the ONE true only practice and i feel as if it could help you a lot!
You don’t know who our creator is but you still choose not to find out! Obviously you are a skilled Magician and the meditations are as easy as ABCs but Father Satan can tell you anything you want to know!

Why do you still oppress yourself from the truth?

Nothing against you Ea but you say that you have worked with ‘Lucifer’ but if you really did work with Lucifer/Father Satan he would have told you that he is our creator!

If you want to know about Satan/Lucifer, don’t go to a simple black magician - go to a (Spiritual) Satanist who actually knows Satan. Father Satan created us through advanced genetic engineering and this is PURE science. Creation can be explained through science with Satanism as where ‘Yahweh’ created MAN through simple ‘water and clay’!

I believe the term guest in someone elses house could be applied here?
Lucifer and Satan are also two very different entities. Lucifer is the spirit and Satan is a thought form, manifested by the fears of those who follow Abrahamic religions.

@lexius_blackrose, that is your reality. Many of us here work with Lucifer… be it his demonic, angelic or celestial aspect or any other aspect of it, all of them are technically true aspects because it is part of 1 entity. You have to understand realities in general and Lucifer(Satan/Attar/Set… whatever you want to call him) taught me a lot about them not that long ago. That is why I no longer want to even question nor say something about or against someone’s belief. I do not follow same path as any of you here but it is because none actually has same path at some point. There is no single person that will agree with anyone here in some topic (belief) and it is duo their experience and reality.

When you say, truth. You have to understand that not even this world, and reality is true at some point, nor even our creation. Lucifer/Satan or any other spirit… can be indeed your creator… it can be my own creator as well… but that does not mean that everyone else has been created from same, specific “source”.

However, you have to understand. Source of creation does not matter that much, but your results in your practice matter way more than that.

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Dude you kind of sound like an Abrahamist.


Lexius, while the Q&A section to E.A. is an open kind of “mailbox” to some extent (meaning, anything that may be on-topic to magick), you’re basically abusing that to preach at him and by extentsion, this forum - which is in clear violation of the rules:

Cut it out, please, this is a first and final warning for promoting ANY quasi-religious system as “the ONE true only practice.”

I’m closing this because, being broadly in breach of the rules, further discussion on it just aggravates things, E.A. has admin powers and can reply on here if he chooses to do so.