To E.A Koetting

I have been asking some interesting questions now for the past few days about certain subjects that to some come off sounding like i am up to something in turn i am. I want to know if the life extension clause is plossible or not. I have heard rumors but know of no one that has obtained such a feat or in history has obtained such a desire such as the one i am referring to. My goals and desires are vast as i am also searching for doorways or portals to other dimensions or realms such as the ones promised to us by solomon that shows where such doorways are at but require some kind of sacrifice or pledge to get them open to us. This message goes out to all the elder members and to our creator of this site. I am searching for answers to a few questions that are not only hard to ask just as they would be hard to answer. I am looking for a few things in my ancestral history to see if they be true relics in magic and power or if they be a hoax. So i am asking anyone in here if you would have any knowledge of such items and possibly of there last known location would be great. 1st item the Phoenix Gate is a device dated clear back to the 1st century AD said to give the bearer the ability to transcend time but only can affect his own timeline and destiny of his own fate. I am told that my ancestor Ravanka Lars is the last one to have it. Have anyone here heard of this relic to be able to prove its authenticity, it also goes by another name called the Time Stream device. 2nd item i am looking for is known to give its possessor the ability to understand all creatures both divine and benine plus flight. This item is called the Wings of Gabriel. I am just wondering if these relics are real or not i believe they are for i hold one such relic of my ancestors in my collection. It is called the Dragons Crest. Its a family shield. I don’t know what ability it possesses nor what its meaning is other than its dated clear back to 2nd era to when the vikings were out conquering the known world. It was a shield said to give its possessor untold power when combined with the 7 seals and the sword of the original viking king known as Darkov or the 9 swords. 9 swords that when put together created 1 sword of power. This I know to be true as it sits in the natural history museum in Norway. There are runes on it I wish I could read as they tell the story and location of the other relics used by my ancestors when they were out trying to take over the world 8 centuries before Christopher Columbus even discovered america. There are runes everywhere and I am wondering if these runes might hold some significance on the stories and the lost relics of my family. Thank you to anyone that might know more about this.


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