Tie you to a chair?

I was at a spiritual shop and a guy told me about this. I was wondering if anybody knows a curse or w/e you want to name it called. Tieing a person to a chair!!! To make them leave you alone and not bother you. Or to control. I really need help with this. And since im working with the goetia demons do you know any that bane or bine people to a “chair” ???

If I tied you to a chair, then you would definetely not be able to bother me. LOL

The Evokation would go like this:

  • I would be possessed by a scary demon that would frighten you, making you easily controllable, even in physical ways.
  • Then with ease I would be able to tie you (bind you with a magickal spell!) to a chair.
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Eeehhehehehehehe I’ll tie you to a chair…

But seriously

A spell of listlessness and lethargy, and general disinterest would work well

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Thank you for sharing. I will take this request into Consideration. I do have a few questions.

How long have you been practicing ?
Do you have a guardian ?
Are you in need of protection or simply interested in dismissing a pest ?

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What no im being serious theres alot of legal battles going on and i want it to go away because i do my part and i dont bother anybody but the past is trying to mess with me.

10 years off and on. Guardian probably ganesh & paimon

King belial or king vine
Evoking them will sort out your problem.
Good luck bro I wish you all the best.


Or try this.

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Do i need anything of them. Like hair or picture or will a name work???

Sorry I have been pretty sick but as far as I’m aware no I have never done it myself but I believe others have had very good success with it.

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