Three free reversal spells

I am looking to practice my reversal spells! I am looking to practice with three people, and I’ll need your full name and zodiac sign if you’re interested. If you want you can PM me your full name, and then we can talk here in the thread to see how things are going.


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Hi…i am interested
If U say reversal spell
What does it implicate

Many tnx

Hi there. A reversal spell can be a reversal of bad luck, a reversal of negative energy or a reversal of witchcraft. What are you looking for ? Please DM me your full name and zodiac sign so I can get started.

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just sent you a pm :slight_smile:

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All three spells have been taken as of now.

Thats crazy! Guess Ill try for better luck next time😓

Riaan Bowles
Do U need anything else?

Sorry i never indicated
Reversal of luck or curse
Just feel stuck

I could use your help if you are still offering.
Thank you

Sorry I am no longer offering this particular ritual.