The spider goddess

Wow! CRAZY! no wonder she was on my mind!
Thank u @vprotas :slightly_smiling_face:!

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Thank you !

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Thank you so much!! It’s crazy how you were able to list a few demons that I’m currently working with at the moment! Have a great rest of your day!!

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You know I was thinking, Arachne would be a definite go to for house wards right? I mean spiders building their webs to catch any pesky negativity? I need to hide my house, it’s energy and make some astral webbing for a shield. Gonna consult her on that tonight :grin::spider_web::spider:


@vprotas is there a way if you can find out if my invocation went well with Arachne? I was using people are sending flame’s invocation of her i plan on doing it 6 more times

Hello! I wanted to ask if Arachne (via yourself) would comment on my path or recommend spirits to work with. These lists, and brief comments are invaluable. Thank you

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I had a meditation vision featuring a spider. Then I saw a web and realized it was spinning. As I continued analyzing, there were multiple webs connected to each other and spinning, much like gears. What’s that about?

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I’m rather fond of Arachne’s vibe.

Does she have any advice, info, or recommendations for me regarding my current situation/path?

Sounds like Arachne weaving the cosmos through interconnected fates. But I’m no expert on Greek Mythology.

It also sounds well trippy. interesting vision to have!