The source

What plane is the eternal source and the source of consciousness on and what do they look like.

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That question doesn’t make sense. The Eternal is on/in every plane It’s what created them to begin with. As for the “plane of conciousness” I’m not sure what you mean. If you’re thinking of the Mental Plane, it is just above the Astral. If you are talking about consciousness without form, then you would be above the Formative Plane, where all form begins. I recommend you read EA’s book Ipsissimus, where he describes his journey to Sat Nam.

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@bfields5 here’s the info

Eternal Source literally looks like a White Dot from far away. Up close, however, you find a Inferno of absolute power and deafening silence.

Should you enter into and become source, like I once did, you become the source of all things and MUST ensure the Intense raw power that you are and that flows from you.

Wanna go beyond source? It’s possible to go past it into the NEXT plane. There, all you find is…

Wait for it…

Nothing. It’s a blank slate. Waiting for something to be created in it.

Eternal Source is on the same plane as Sat Nam. And it’s called the Formative plane. You must, through Soul Travel, become SatNam and turn inward. You will reach a inner plane and there will be Eternal Source.

Hope that helps


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