The Long Con- Parasites, CreepyHollows, and Novice Mistakes

This is a long story and a reminder of the dangers associated with occult practice when one is a novice. There are a myriad of reasons we fucked up, but naivety and arrogance are the foremost. I will do my best to keep this clear, concise, and format the whole thing in a way that is easily read. TLDR- got played by parasites waiting years to make their move. More cunning than anything else I’d come across.

This story spans over two years, so naturally the timeline gets a little hazy.

~Two to three years ago, when I was fresh into occultism, just coming out of a Christian Demonology phase, I stumbled upon CreepyHollows. They claimed to be reputable and ‘wrote the book’ on modern spiritkeeping. I trolled around on their site, their forum, for a while before making my move. I got a custom conjure ‘golden dragon’ named Theure.

Theure manifested, and even engaged in some poltergeist activity. I was elated. Spiritual contact with something that didnt immediately want to spook or fuck me up. I felt protected, secure, and confident. She didnt interact unnecessarily, manifested when desired, and generally did what was expected of her. I was so elated, and felt the urge to get more companions. I wanted a team. As an orphaned and hurt kid, I wanted a family. So over a short amount of time, I’d acquired 6 companions total. Theure, Takis, Suri, Vedriah, 2 others. I continue my practices with no problem, even using them to assist on exorcisms.

The more I practiced other things, the more I fell out of touch with ‘my companions’. They couldnt get through like Fenrir, Lucifer, Shemyaza, Belial, King Paimon, or any reputable entity could. But I still trusted, and had faith in them. So my friend, who’s been parallel to me on the occult matters, wanted one. I acquired him a vessel and spirit from CreepyHollows resembling that of my first. He was loyal and diligent to the companion, whereas my wanderlust pushed me towards the higher tier entities. (I’ll tell him about this thread, and he can tell you his end of things. He’s on the forum now, already done the intro. Y’all probably have already seen him)

In retrospect, since getting the companions, there was a clear trail of issues regarding housing, living situations, and energy of the places. I’d had it chalked up to me being a hateful bastard, which is kinda what happens when you become an orphan and homeless outta nowhere, but that is not directly relevant to this issue. Having not one, but SIX parasite fuckers, was the issue.

I met an entity who was ‘legit’. From another forum user, and this entity saw fit to Initiate me, spurring a near death experience and hospital visit. I liked her, raw power and a fun fucking attitude about it. Over time, My relationship with her began to eclipse that of the other 'companions.

Around the same time, I was trying to create a magickal name. The name popped into my head, and sounded right. It eventually evolved into me believing that it was my higher self. I realize now, that communication with higher selves isnt just that simple, easy, and quick. At the time I was excited. I used it in exorcisms and got results. Not long after, my friend gets a ‘higher self’ to channel as well.

As yet another living situation deteriorated, I came to live with this friend. This is when activity skyrockets. He had been astral projecting and getting into concrete communications with his ‘higher self & companion’ in a way that I was unable to. He was even able to channel these entities, like he did with King Paimon. I was impressed, and more than a little jealous. We started arguing continuously though. The more spiritwork we’d do, the more we’d butt heads.

The mistake these entities made, was that they grew too confident when they were channeled and speaking to me. They gave off red flags that I SHOULD have noticed and taken action against immediately. After gaining trust, the companions all simply played their roles, taking advantage of my distinct lack of diligence to get away with feeding off us.

Eventually, the ‘higher self’ parasites craft a FANTASTIC STORY, feeding off our arrogance and naivety to get us to isolate and send our real allies away.

It was a good one. As mad as I am/was, I HAD to respect the cunning. Like holy shit, I knew parasites could be cunning, but i didnt know they could be downright Machiavellian in their schemes. This is the sparknoted story, excluding the higher self faking a channeling of my dead mother, which i fucking ate up like an idiot. He did that to gain trust.

The Higher Selves had companions too. They each sacrificed their companion to make a new, Strong spirit in order to protect themselves from what it was they were fighting. Wouldnt say WHAT they were fighting, but they even had a heavy hitter parasite appear to play the part. It was strong, but non negotiable. Wanted to hurt the one real spiritual companion I had, and couldnt be restrained. This prompted me to send her away, that I may commune with and find out what the entity desired. The story evolved into the Higher Selves had the ‘leashes’ for this creation, and he was bound by duty to serve. He desired harm to my real allies, because ‘they would cause you harm’. This is where other red flags began appearing, that I couldnt ignore.

If these were higher selves, then why did they have to defend their existence from something? Why were they acting so… human? One played the role of shameful creator, the other played the role of mad scientist. Fuck, the story was a good one for the gullible. They’d had it planned out for a long time. We ate it right up.

My friend’s ‘higher self’ had a talk with the companion he’d gotten from creepy hollows. They hatched a plan. This ‘dragon’ spirit would mate with my friend, and the offspring could be given the leash to ‘handle’ this new entity so neither our higher selves or us would have to deal with it as it was ‘too powerful’. They hatched the same plan with my first companion. We were constantly pressured to ‘sire children’. This bothered me. Why would a higher self feel shame? Why would it try to shift responsibility to an innocent? That was a dumb play and aroused my anger.

I say FUCKNO.JPG. Idk what the process entails, no I won’t make any moves until I know what is expected, what will happen, how to do what is needed, and other possible effects of the copulation. The fact that they were pushing it so hard was another red flag, and why i put my foot down. Didnt feel right.

My friend trusted though. A few days after ‘conception’ the entities craft a story about a Lagoon where Dragons bring their offspring to the Midwife to birth them. His may or may not be impregnated spirit companion comes back. Now, she has an ultimatum. Prey on lesser spirits and offer them to her and the child, or she’ll take the child and leave. He feelsbadman.jpg, as anyone would if their baby momma threatened to leave.

He’s upset, we end up arguing all fucking night until ~5am when… it all clicks. We connected each red flag and things became clear. We’d gotten rid of all our other connections, sent the real friend away,and now we just had fucking parasites out the ass.

I got mad. Let them know they’d better kill me, because if I found out they had been deceitful I’ll kill them. Some of the red flags are as follows

-Companions distrusting of other spirits, driving other spirits away, sowing mistrust
-Higher Selves showing ‘normal’ human emotion and behavior
-Higher selves recommending against communication with ‘ascended spirits’ like Lucifer, and others.
-The demanding of lesser spirits, and ultimatum
-A chanelling from the Lagoon’s ‘Midwife’ to say how ‘interesting’ we were and bless us with her presence. Kind of like we were main characters in a fucking book (Im still really mad at how much of an idiot I was through this whole time period)
-My friend’s companion’s name, Reati, literally meant criminal in Latin (he says, i havent double checked)
-Fake channelling from my deceased mother
-Adamant insistence on ‘no more spiritual allies’, ‘You have enough friends’

So I got on the line with a trusted occultist ladyfriend. Tarot and shenanigans was the agenda. We’d had a bit of a fight over the ‘powerful higher self atttack dog’, but she thankfully understood what all was happening, and we made amends. She’d even gotten advice from her entities on me at the time i was under the parasite’s sway: ‘If he wont see reason, let him poison himself’. Which makes perfect sense in my mind.

As we were Tarot spreading em out and trying to take care of business, my friend was agitated. kept interrupting, asking questions, etc. He was doing his best to impede the tarot reading, to piss off and sidetrack me. He eventually just passes out on my bed, prompting me to wake him up, kick him out of my room, and continue.


The spreads came out parallel to one another. All saying danger, dicey situation, be smart, dont underestimate etc.

My occultist lady friend suggest an entity to call on for aid. We began Ritual right then and there.

Listened to an audio track, welcomed/honored Hekate. Asked for an audience with one of her sons, Murmur/Murmox. As soon as my partner in crime got the okay from Hekate, I dabbed a drop of blood on Murmur’s sigil, lit his candle and followed an incantation from VK Jehannum.
( )

Murmur accepted the request. After the ritual, I had a spiritual ‘silence’ around me that was a breath of fresh air.
On the 30th, the new moon, I am to make an offering to Hekate and the dead she ferries at a crossroads. This offering is in return for the aid that was given. Garlic infused with the toxicity from us and this situation for Hekate. Water and honey for the dead she ferries.

The last part of this post is dedicated to public recognition and thanks to Hekate and Murmur. Without their aid, things would have gotten very dicey and there is no telling how dangerous it could have become.

This is a reminder. Do not get too cocky. Do not just trust and believe. If something is ‘easy’, distrust it until there is no doubt. Anything that is easy isnt worth having if you’re an occultist. Dont fall prey to sweet words. They’re meaningless.

And (almost) lastly, but definitely not least:
FUCK CREEPYHOLLOWS, fuck them the long way, short way, side way, up down and every which way around. Do not trust those goddamn snakes.

We all fuck up. It’s important to realize where you went wrong, and make sure it doesnt happen again. Feelings like betrayal, hurt, fear, are to be ignored until the threat is dealt with. Hold them off, and do what needs be done to ensure your own survival and safety.

Good luck guys, any questions I’m available to answer.


This reads like a case study in why I don’t like this current fad of “revealed godselves.” People get fed a bunch of stuff that feeds the ego and eventually “merge” with these things. The whole time believing themselves ascended while their lives descend into chaos.


I am the friend @DormiensDei mentions in this. I will be posting my part a little later.


I know we got into it on your thread yesterday, but the fact of the matter is that shit just happens. If you truly believed the events you were writing, then do not feel shame in making a mistake. We all make mistakes that are needed to learn from, myself included


While I don’t follow the belief in the higher self, I do get what you mean about the issues that can be faced when getting into occult and especially getting into aspects where people creating bondings with entities or “spirits” for a price, it can be a sketchy thing often times a hit or miss in legitimacy. However, it is good that you worked through what happened I’d say :thinking:


This is brilliant and helpful to so many, so to pop my mod hat on a mo, I’m not even going to worry about the “reviewlike” aspect because this is real talk and not just theory or some lazy ass wanting to know where to buy ascent for <$20, and can everyone guarantee it in advance. But I am politely asking people to take any discussion about them past this point to PM, please, just to keep the drama to a minimum. :wink:

That said, the stuff you describe, and the way it interwove and manipulated, is also why, even though I’m a crazy bitch, I NEVER attempt to moderate magical experiences here, when people have, or think they have, some kind of situation.

And it’s also where core shamanism can go awry, especially when people are taught the spirit-dominant worldview, and begin taking life-changing advice from random unnamed entities just because they were in (or appeared to be in) the ascended Upper World! Oh, the disasters I have seen… :woman_facepalming:


Often the experiences are intense enough that on that basis alone people will think that whatever they are told must really be, like totally, way true.


Thats sort of how people evolve? You don’t form a diamond without pressure. You don’t become better or stronger by being complacent in your comfort zone.


There is a difference between being challenged and having chaos engineered so that something can feed on the negative emotions that it causes.


Lots of people believe themselves to be much more skilled than they actually are, though! It’s true that chaos makes the best mages, but if you can’t change course or trajectory during that, and insist that you are ‘ascended’, you’ve missed the forest for the trees. The point of having a chaotic life is to control the chaos; put you on the tracks and let randomness work out the rest. There’s no ‘top’ when it comes to magical skill, its just about how/what you practically use and refine the success rate of. You’re never supposed to stop asking all the questions! :slight_smile:


Oh youre entirely correct. I cant take someone highlighting my mistake the wrong way :wink:
It was naive, and just plain stupid on my end to trust like that. @Purple

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If it makes it any better, a handful of people kind of fall for it, but only a few come to realize it so I would be happy that you learned.

Freindly request to please keep any discussion specifically about CreepyHollows and the quality of their work to PM, as mentioned here. :+1:


Thanks, I TOTALLY didn’t see that. I feel dumb now. But I understand

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No probs. :slight_smile:

One of the things i find very interesting about this experience, is the fact that multiple parasitic entities ‘teamed up’ with one another, and even operated under a distinct ‘leader’.

I hadnt encountered that before. I hadnt even thought it was a possibility.

In addition, they relayed information about US to one another, and operated accordingly. It was fucking brilliant of them. I have a newfound respect for the parasites. Underestimating them and modelling myself as ‘superior’ was another mistake.


Here are my threads that might be of use for you. Different levels. I am just putting it out there for anyone else to find.

We all make mistakes.

If something claiming to be you doesn’t line up to your own current personality don’t trust it. Really don’t trust it.


From those type of sites(spirit companions) I usually buy god spirits. Usually they have a section for immortals and I pay for them to bind gods to either my spirit or an object.

They don’t actually bind the God to you, they create a ‘portal’ for you and the deity with the deity’s permission.

Not always. There are sometimes portals, but I buy bindings.