The Fap Challenge (Release Your Urges)


~A group servitor for Sex :stuck_out_tongue:
Due to the massive energy of a dozen or more horny pervs,
the entity could become more solid way more quickly :blush:


Who would like to create a servitor after her looks?

“busty buffy”


You can have sex with spirits while fapping at the same time and it feels better than masturbating solo because you can feel yourself inside her while masturbating.

You can also have sex with your loving spirit without touching yourself at all. My lady has sex with me all day while I’m working.


More to be gained from no fap then fap,

According to the multi orgasmic man by Mantak chia
Semen contributes to your ability to visualise,

So if you are aching to blast one out to the tune of pornhub, you can spend that energy via visualisation.
You will literally be spending your load via visualistion, how cool is that.

But its all just dopamine, try to get your dopamine from somewhere else.
Lest you get addicted to masturbation.

Also I think its funny that your giving people a fap challenge,
Nobody needs permission to fap, usually its the opposite,
I mean have you seen the music videos these days,
They have there neurocinematics on LOCK!
The music vids are programming you to fap harder then you ever have before ha


I’d say, semen contributes to visual power overall. At least that’s how I feel it. My longest streak of semen retention was 4 months and some days, and visualization was crazy. Lucid dreams and visions were more common too.

It’s a very destructive practice actually. The waste of energy and the damage on the body and mind are considerable. Especially when porn get mixed.
Especially for men. Kills motivation to do anything, kills sexual health, kills manly traits, and says hello to erectile dysfunction.

But I wonder if the mind is tricked thinking it’s real pussy when spririts are involved.


What exactly are the repercussions for female masturbation? I use my orgasms and the energy created for offerings of devotion and or to get my claws in a target so I don’t feel it’s wasted.


If the energy is used and redirected toward a working, I think it is not wasted.

As far energy loss is concerned, from what I understand it depends more on the fluid secreted. Depending on if it’s creamy / running, odorous or not, the energy loss may be as same as the one men suffer from.
But still the repercussions of the addiction and too low level of dopamine remains. (If we’re talking about a female addicted to porn/masturbation)

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According to Taoist thought, orgasm for women is a good thing because their energy is receptive and thus an orgasm is energizing. There are no repercussions for women so the more the merrier. It is great for a woman’s health. For men, ejaculation is seen as a bad thing because male energy is projecting, and thus orgasm is draining, and too much can be detrimental to health. That is the explanation for why men get sleepy after sex and women don’t. It is why Taoist sages spend all their time and effort on semen retention, and forcing the energy of orgasm inward to circulate through the body, essentially doing what women do naturally.

However, there is a sect of Taoism that does not practice semen retention but uses it to obtain enlightenment and immortality. It is called the White Tigress sect and is female led. The male is known as the Jade Dragon, and he has a sort of sex magical relationship with the Tigress where he masturbates while watching the Tigress please other men (called green dragons) with her mouth, and he uses the energy and fluids generated in his own quest for immortality.


That’s strange because that is these same Taoist saying women can indeed lose energy during orgasm depending on the characteristic of the fluid they secrete when it happens.
If I find the references I’ll post it.

But personally I think nothing comes 100% white (nor 100% black). There are drawbacks, always.

And I’m not really sure women naturally jerk off inward as them too, need to practice to circulate the energy inward and hopefully have an energy orgasm or raise the kundalini.

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Yeah, it is rife with contradictions. In one of Mantak Chia’s books, he advocates not ejaculating, and then a few pages later, he says it’s okay but only twice a week if under 40 and once every 2 weeks if over 40.


Funny some forum Docs say if over 40 pleasure away to keep that prostrate pumping.

The real trick is to mentally masturbate snd get so aroused you ejaculate. Done this like 2 times in my life (utilizing rituals of pleasure btw) but its hard as hell. The concentration required. No sextoys, no touching, just raw pleasure though and mind (maybe spirits helped). Sexual meditation i guess???

With toys like say an anal toy and twerking like the bouncy chick on the ball and you can go hours hands free doing a sex ritual (ad in a vibe and your golden).

Ah well, done with it mostly for now. I threw away about 500$ sex toys, gear, clothes, lubes, etc in the trash a months ago.

But the sex spirits and urge will always call. Not enjoying pleasure is a sacrifice that really hurts at times. You hope it’ll go away but like an addict any hint can send you back to thoughts of that pleadure hell. So Dante first circle is real in a sense. And you can slip up. Damn those were good toys too.

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Challenge. Accepted.

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Lol, the original post rings true even on second and third reads.


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