The basics of summoning a demon

Hello. I realise this is pretty much me running headlong into something that’s probably reserved for more experienced practicioners, but I’ve pretty much been receiving signs all evening that a specific demon wants to work with me.
The only demon I’ve worked with in the past is Lilith, and I didn’t really summon her, as more she appeared into my life one day when I was at my absolute worst and helped me pick myself back up.

The demon that keeps dropping signs is Belial. All evening has his name been popping up as I’ve been searching for ways to make a group of individuals that have wronged me and close friends of mine. They’re beyond forgiveness, and I want to make them suffer. Whether that be by curse, or asking Belial to ensure they end up in jail, where they belong.

So my question is, what are the basics of summoning a demon like Belial? What do I need to know before summoning him?


This blog post may help:

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Try using the search function on the forum. There are dozens of threads that give the basics of evocation.

At the most basic, this technique should be mastered first:


Aren’t new members receiving the tutorials and welcome messages telling them any of this judging by the number of times we’re repeating this in one form or another?

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They are, but the OP just joined and Eva isn’t online yet.

Thank you. I have already learned sigil flashing, and charging sigils. I have a book on the subject. Is that all I need?

No. Opening the sigil just gets the spirit’s attention. You still have to draw it to you and the manner to do that depends on the system you’re using.

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You need to fulfill these principles for a successful evocation:

I will say, learning the next step, Mastering Divination and Omniscience, are unavailable to me because I have no money to buy his books.

What system is required to summon Belial?

Any system of evocation. The most common one is that of the Golden Dawn, which uses Kabbalah correspondences, but any proper system will fulfill the principles I posted.

Have you opened your senses? Are you able to communicate with spirits properly?

If you can communicate with spirits, then my advice would be to open Belial’s sigil and talk to him. Write down some questions, open the sigil, and, after thanking him for coming, ask the questions and write down the answers you hear. You don’t necessarily have to do a full evocation.


I’ve always been able to. Given that lately I’ve been unable to for some reason…

Slightly off topic, but how are you not a mod yet?

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Open the sigil and ask Belial what’s going on.

LOL I appreciate the vote of confidence.


Okay, I’ll give that a try. Thank you.

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I don’t think I got a tutorial, just a welcome and helpful links